VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review: Multi-functional Beauty
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VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review: Multi-functional Beauty

If you are a parent who feels like monitoring your baby is of utmost importance but you are on a shoestring budget, then you came to the right place to research about the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio baby monitor.

We know that an audio-only baby monitor is not everyone’s cup of tea so it is only apt that we give you an in-dept review of this monitor system.  This review aims to help you decipher whether or not this baby monitor is the right fit for your needs.  

We are going to cover its features, the common issues and resolutions, everyone’s opinions, and our verdict.

If you want a specific question answered, please refer to our table of contents below so you can immediately read about what you want.  Other than that, just keep scrolling and let’s get started.  

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VTech is a Not An Amateur

Since 1976 until present, VTech is a common household name as it is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing electronics for infants to preschool years.  You might even have come across electronic toys for infants bearing this brand so the manufacturer name is already familiar to you.

Having said so, you can clearly tell that they know what they are doing.  Thus, giving their products some sort of badge of trust – which matters to us, parents, right?

To top that, the company places large importance in research and development to provide the community with significant and valuable products.  Knowing about all these will give any parent an assurance that their company always has their products’ supporters in mind.

So why don’t we give the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound digital audio baby monitor a chance?


6 Things You Need To Know

Apart from it being an audio-only monitor (which is not really bad), there are more things you need to know about this monitor.

Some parents play white noise in the background to help their babies fall asleep faster.  However, this white noise can be a problem to some who are using audio-only monitor.  Instead of hearing the baby’s soft cries over the monitor, it will be muffled by the ambient noise.

But with this DECT 6.0 digital technology, the annoying white noise will never be heard.  It will be as if it never existed as this tech eliminates the background and prevents interference.  So the only sound you will be hearing is your baby – loud and crystal clear.

The baby monitor also comes with 5 LED lights that indicate the level of sound in your baby’s room.  This means that you can still monitor your baby even when your unit is on mute.  

Let us share you a little secret: some parents don’t mind their babies if there is only 1 LED light on.  They only go to their baby’s room if all the 5 LED lights are blinking – this means that the baby might be already crying loudly.

You can also use vibration mode.  This way, you can still be alerted silently in case the baby is already fussy.   

Are you desperate to do so many things at home but can’t leave your baby away from sight?  No problem.  You can carry the parent unit with you for up to 1000 feet.  So even if you are anywhere inside or even outside the house, you can still hear your little one.

When babies wake up from a scary nightmare, all they will want to hear is your soothing voice to lull them back to sleep.  Good thing the monitor has a talk-back feature so that you can comfort your baby or sing her to sleep through your unit and in your room.

Lastly, the baby unit comes with a night light that’s not too bright that it blinds you and not too dim so that you can still see your infant during diaper change.


Why Buy An Audio-Only Monitor?

We were about to recommend a low cost video baby monitor to families looking for pocket-friendly options.  However, the cheap ones will only cause you more headaches as the screens can be full of static.  

Imagine just seeing blurred lines on your monitor instead of what your baby is doing at the moment.  This causes any parent anxiety.  So instead of going back to bed, you will end up having to go to the baby’s room and check on the baby yourself – which ultimately defeats the purpose of having a baby monitor in the first place.  Correct?

Besides that, having a video monitor poses a problem for many parents.  Why?  Since you will want to constantly look at the video monitor to check on your little one (obsessed much! Hahaha this is especially true for doting first time parents), much of your time will be spent being all eagle-eyed on the monitor instead of doing things that needed to be done ages ago.

Additionally, most of you will only need the baby monitor heavily at night when you are sleeping.  You can’t be asleep and check on the monitor at the same time , right?  Having said so, it is only logical to purchase one that keeps you productive and sane.

Does this make sense to you?


Mystery Box: Inclusions

The contents of the box will no longer be a mystery to you as we will be sharing what you will get upon purchase.  Here they are:

  • 2 charging cables
  • 1 parent unit
  • 1 baby unit
  • 1 Battery pack for parent unit

If you want to read the manual, just click here.


Tales From the Users

As of the moment, it has 4 out of 5 stars and 5770 customer reviews – a huge majority of those are glowing reviews.

The best thing that parents or users like about this monitor is its versatility.  Buyers did not only find it useful on babies but also in geriatric homes, even on barns to monitor their farm animals.  How cool is that?

Sound quality remains fantastic and clear even when parent unit is carried on the back porch (or even on acres of land as per one review).  Some even conducted tests to see if the promised range was true and they were not disappointed.

Many users are also raving about the talk back feature.  According to users, this is really handy as you don’t need to run back and forth the room to check on your baby (or adult).  You can just use to monitor to ask if the baby or adult needed anything.

Imagine binge-watching on your favorite reality series only to have all that noise transmitted to baby’s room.  The horror, right?   Good thing you will need to press the “talk” button so not all the noise is sent straight to your baby.

Battery life of the parents unit last long as well.  This will depend on how you use it though.  For example, if you need to use the LED lights or the vibration mode all the time, or if there are loud noises coming from the baby almost all the time, naturally, the battery will be all drained out sooner that you expected.

One reviewer added that if they can give bonus stars for the product, they will.  The reason is that the monitor doesn’t scream out that they are meant for babies.  So even if you use it on adults, their pride will not be hurt that you are constantly checking up on them using baby monitors.

One consistent complaint though is that the units keep on un-linking.  This disconnection causes a loud, sharp noise that is irritating especially if this happens in the middle of the night.


Our Opinion/Verdict

If you have a household accommodating parents/elders for geriatric recovery…if you are a parent who is scared of your baby’s data being accessed online..if you are a parent who wants the best bang for buck…if you are a parent who wants a time-tested quality product for less, then there isn’t a better value for you than the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor.

You will be able to do more as you don’t need to constantly watch the monitor.  You will always have that peace of mind knowing that the company values their patrons, and that outsiders cannot access your baby’s data.  Best of all, you get an assistant that will last for a long time.

If you are leaning towards video baby monitors and if can shell out more, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best pick for you. You can also check out our review of a comprehensive list of long range baby monitors.

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