Top 6 Sit and Stand Strollers: The Good and Not-so-Good
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Top 6 Sit and Stand Strollers: The Good and Not-so-Good

Taking one child with you to short trips and errands is already a big challenge.  What more if you need to bring two or more kids with you?  The question here now is NOT whether or not you need a sit and stand stroller.  What you need to ask here is which one to buy considering there is a myriad of options available today.

For this reason, our team pick up the top most talked about strollers today and put them to test.  We folded and unfolded, maneuvered with passengers of varying weights, and more to see how they hold up.

At the end of the day, we picked 6 sit and stand strollers that survived our rigorous testing and were brimming with glowing remarks from users.  Whether you want the top choice, to the roomiest, to the most affordable, this review will help you pick one that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

You can check our table of contents below to jump to your choice.  Otherwise, let’s get started with the review.

#1 Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stand-on: Top Choice

It is basically like the regular Joovy Caboose but better.  Find out why.

Ease of use

We know that it is similar to the regular Caboose.  But what makes this an even better option?  It is adjustable so that it can become 4 pounds lighter.  Yes! You read that correctly.  You can remove its extra parts before you load or unload it to the trunk of your car or wherever you want to stow it away.  Believe me, your back will thank you later.

The rear bench seat also slides so you can gain access to the storage area minus the fuss.


Since this stroller is narrower than its competitors, it is easier to navigate even in cramped spaces.  This is perfect for families living in the city with two kids in tow.

You also need to note though that you will need a lot of strength to push on grass and it even stops dead on gravel.  It is best to stay on flat or even bumpy surfaces as that is where it works well.


The front seat has a 3-position recline and the footrest can be adjusted to support a cosy nap for your little one.  The bench seat, on the other hand, is lightly padded so your older kiddo can sit down if and when he is tired from getting on and off the stroller.

Rear seat does not recline as deeply as the front seat but this is not a big deal breaker.


It comes with a larger canopy which is really ideal for tall kids.  Even when seated in the back, your older child can still be shielded from the sun as the canopy can be adjusted and stretched.

Although the single action brake is not flip flop friendly, it still does its job well in bringing the stroller to a full stop when needed.

It has 5-point harness in the front and 3-point harness in the back to keep your kids from jumping off their seats.

Other features

First, there is a generous storage space underneath for your belongings.  It also has a parent organizer which is not in the regular Caboose.

Speaking of storage, the front seat has a tray for your baby’s bottles, sippy cups and snacks.

Plus, you can buy the Caboose rear seat (for kids with close age gap) to have two reclining seats – perfect for rides in theme parks all day.

The good

  • compact
  • folds easily
  • universal adapter is compatible with most car seats
  • front seat has a tray
  • large canopy can also cover child in the rear seat
  • canopy’s rear section is removable
  • can be adjusted to become lightweight

The not so good

  • back seat gets cramped with car seat or reclined front seat
  • price
  • not great off road, on grass, gravel
  • infant seat is only strapped in but is still secured
  • hard to access storage basket when child is seated in rear seat

It is pretty similar to the Chicco BravoFor2 (which will be discussed later) but it is a lighter and a more affordable option.  It has a bigger front seat so you will get more years out of it.

if you are willing to spend more to get more than the basic features, if you want something that is modifiable (for your back’s welfare), you need to get this lifesaver of a stroller.

Click here to see the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stand-on on Amazon

#2 Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand on Stroller:Most Compact

This sit and stand stroller is one of the many favorites among the parents for its many features.  

Ease of use

What we love about this is that you can use the stroller for newborns as it comes with a universal car seat adapter that is compatible with most popular brands.  Meanwhile, your older child can either sit on the bench or stand on the platform in the back.

The stroller supports up to 90 pounds of weight and can accommodate up to 45 pounds of cargo in the front.


Nothing makes a parent’s life easier than a trusty stroller that is easy to maneuver.  Since this stroller is small, it is easier to maneuver compared to the others.  Also, the tires don’t easily go flat so it will survive your usage.

You need to take note though that it will become a bit difficult to steer if your load is too heavy so watch the weight that you are carrying.

You can also lock the wheels in place or allow it to swivel for easier pushing or pulling.


The front seat has a 3-recline position that is great for relaxing and short naps.  If your older child in the back area is tired of standing, you can convert the rear seat into a front-facing full sized reclining seat as well.  Simply position the seat and clip it on and you are good to go.

Parents will not have to worry about hurting their hands while steering as the stroller comes with a deluxe foam handle that pampers your palms.


It has a linked braking system.  You can stop your stroller even if your toddler is sitting down or standing.  

There are also reflective straps in place so you can safely use the stroller during unexpected strolls in the park at night.

Other features

It has an underneath storage basket that you can access by sliding the rear bench.  Those with large full diaper bags might have to wrestle the bags to fit the storage.  Otherwise, the space is not a problem.

It also comes with a snack tray for the front seat so that your little tot can place his or her treats.

The stroller also offers two year warranty which is longer than the usual coverage.

The good

  • compact
  • snack tray
  • easy to maneuver
  • compatible with many infant car seats
  • linked parking brake system
  • offers two year warranty
  • price
  • different colors to choose from

The not so good

  • cannot recline front seat if toddler is sitting in the back
  • needs a lot of pressure to fold
  • no parent organizer or cup holder
  • bench does not have a lot of padding
  • small sunshade
  • rear seat becomes squishiest when car seat is added

If you want something that is affordable, have children with an age gap, and does not want the commitment of a double stroller, the Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand on Stroller is recommended for you.

This is an ideal backup stroller for short walks and quick trips as errands day will be a lot easier while having two kids in tow.

You need to remember though that your older kid will not be able to sit with the infant car seat on.  But what 4-year old patiently sits down all throughout the ride, right?  

Click here to see the Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand on Stroller on Amazon

#3 Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller: Best for Newborn

If you already own a Graco click connect car seat, then you will never go wrong with this handy stroller.

Ease of use

It features a single hand fold which means that you can still hold your baby while folding your stroller.  Secondly, you can secure it in place with a safety latch.

Babies love to make a mess but thank goodness for their removable seat cushions.  They are washable therefore making your life extra easy sans the mess.  If you do decide to clean the frame,just gently scrub it with your regular soap and water. Voila!  The frame will look good as new.


The front 6.7 inch wheels swivel for better maneuverability.  This means that you can still access tight and cramped spaces.  However, we only recommend that you use this stroller in smooth areas for a better ride for your passenger.  

We need to tell you though that its suspension does not really work on bumps so stay away from those obstacles on your walks.


If your little one is fond of naps instead of watching the world go by, the front seat will be his favorite as it fully reclines to a flat position.

The stroller offers a padded sitting bench and a standing platform so he is assured of a great time especially in parks.


Just from the looks of it, you can see that the material used is durable so you are sure that you and your babies are in for a safe ride.  It can accommodate up to 50 pounds of cargo per seat so you will be using this one for a long time.

The front seat has a 5-point harness while the rear seat has 3-point harness – perfect for trips wherein you want your kids to be safely strapped in.

It is also JPMA certified and meets ASTM standards so you know that your babies are in good hands.

Other features

It comes with a parent tray and dual cup holders plus a pivoting child tray without extra charge.  There is also a generous underneath basket to hold bag, diapers, toys, and whatnot needed for the entire day.

One thing to note though is that you will need to remove the front arm bar to accommodate the infant car seat but this is not a big problem according to its many users.

The good

  • can support 100 pounds of weight
  • large basket
  • pivoting child tray
  • front swivel wheels
  • single hand, compact fold
  • price

The not so good

  • suspension system
  • small sun canopy
  • polyester material is not breathable
  • not compatible with ALL car seats
  • back seat does not have a sunshade

If you already own a Graco snugride or click connect car seat, this one is for you as the infant seat will be tightly secured in place.

This is great for those with newborns and little ones that want to nap all day long on trips.  It will also work for you if your kids have a 2.5 to 3 year age gap.  It may be an inexpensive choice but it has added features that are missing in other pricey strollers of this type.

#4 Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller: Economy Pick

This is the brainchild of the company that invented the sit and stand stroller trend.  In other words, they started it all.

Ease of use

Even though this stroller comes with a crazy low price, it is really flexible.  By that, we mean that it offers different riding positions for your kids.  

You can have your older kid ride in the front seat while you keep your newborn close to you by putting the car seat in the rear area.  If your younger child is old enough to sit up, you can seat her in the front while your older child positions himself into the rear seat.

You can even have two car seats or no car seats at all.  It’s that amazing.


The front wheels swivel so they are easier to turn.  Its front suspension system is also surprisingly decent (considering the price) so you all still have a great ride even when you are carrying big kids.

You need to know that it has small wheels so it is difficult to go over bumps.


The soft front seat is comfortable for long naps on day trips.  The rear seat is padded as well so you don’t have to worry about your older kid complaining about an aching butt.


Like the others in this list, it has a 5-point safety harness in the front and 3-point harness in the back.  The shade is decent enough for coverage against the elements and it can be removed.

Other features

Parents will love that it has ample storage space for things.  There are also two cup holders and storage on the parent tray.

There is also an option to place the child tray in the front or back.  Plus, the stroller is compatible with most infant car seats in the market today.

The good

  • easy to pack and go
  • can fold with one hand
  • folds compactly
  • flexible

The not so good

  • small wheels
  • hard to use parking brakes
  • underneath storage basket is hard to access
  • canopy is not large enough
  • back seat becomes squished when front seat is reclined
  • harder to steer with a heavy child in the front

This is pretty similar to Graco Roomfor2 Stroller.  The only difference is that you can’t put an infant car seat at the back for the Graco so this stroller is a plus in our book.  

If your kids have a close age gap, and if you are working on an extremely tight budget, this one is ideal for you as it offers more riding positions.

It is a simple and inexpensive choice for those who are looking for the basics.

Click here to see Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller on Amazon

#5 Baby Jogger City Select Lux: Most Versatile

Do you know that you can play around and try as many as 20 positions in this stroller?  Crazy, right?

Ease of Use

The aforementioned 20 positions is made possible if you purchase the additional accessories that they have to offer.  Those accessories include the pram, bench seat, second seat, and glider to name a few.

If you have one kid, you can have him face in or out, and use the bottom seat for your things or simply have the shopping tote attachment positioned.  

Those with two kids can use the stroller seat on top or bottom, car seat on top or bottom, or bench seat on top.  You can have any of the seats face you or the world.

The toddler seat holds up to 45 pounds while the bench can accommodate up to 65 pounds of cargo so this means that you can use the stroller for a long time.

Bringing three kids is a challenge but you can make it through by using the glider board.  For example, you can use the pram at the top, stroller seat at the bottom, and the oldest kid on the glider board.  Believe us when we say that it will look weird and unusual but the important thing is that you get to have all the kids safe in one place at the same time.

It folds flat which we really love.  If you want to make it extra small, you can remove the wheels to make it fit a small car trunk.  Just slide the wheels back into place if you want to use the stroller again.


This thing has big wheels so expect a smooth ride.  The wheels in the back are larger than in the front so it gives you better steering and better ride even in different kinds of terrain.  Plus, the wheels don’t need air so you don’t have to pump it every single time.

The all wheel suspension definitely works on sidewalk cracks and bumps.  It can be difficult to maneuver but it still better than a double side-by-side stroller.


If you try two fit two toddlers, sometimes the seats can get squishy depending on the kids sizes – this is if you use two stroller seats.  But this is not a huge setback as this is a common problem in sit and stand and tandem strollers.

If you use different seats, there is a decent enough space for your kids (and not have kids fight about who kicked the hardest hahaha).

The adjustable handlebars to accommodate parents of differing heights is another feature that is considered as luxury as not all strollers has this.


The brakes are not on the bottom wheels which is what we approve a lot. They are on the adjustable handlebar.  They have a decelerating brake too which is useful in hilly areas.

As usual, we have the 5-point harness in the toddler seats and safety harness for the bench.  The canopies come with a UV 50+ protection as well so mummies don’t need to worry about painful sunburn.

Other features

Your valuable possessions are all safe inside the stretchy mesh storage basket.  Your things will be accessible when only one toddler seat is in place.  But if another seat is attached, getting your stuff will be a bit difficult.

The good

  • has options for accommodating 3 kids
  • folds small, has option to remove wheels to make it more compact
  • impressive wheel suspension
  • can hold many accessories
  • 20 different positions
  • many different colors

The not-so-good

  • very pricey
  • big, heavy
  • does not self stand
  • only one storage option – the basket
  • no snack tray, drink holders, parent organizer
  • parking brake is awkwardly positioned
  • not all seating configuration allow reclining of seats
  • wheels don’t work on the beach

If you don’t plan on having more than one kid, we recommend other single strollers as there are, honestly, lots of better options in the market today.

You will make the most use out of this amazing stroller if you have 2 kids.  We recommend this for families with at least 2.5 year age gap and for those who are considering having more than 2 kids.

If you want one stroller that does it all, and if you don’t mind purchasing a lot of accessories to make different positions work, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux is the right choice for you.

Click here to see Baby Jogger City Select Lux on Amazon

#6 Chicco Bravofor2: Roomiest Rear Seat

The Chicco Bravofor2 is the sports car equivalent of the sit and stand stroller world.  Heck, it is probably the most good looking in this bunch.  It looks so nice that parents reportedly get compliments about the stroller and often get asked where it can be bought.  It’s that nice.  Wait.  Did I already mention that it looks good?

Ease of use

They have a one-hand fold mechanism that is indeed true.  It just collapses and then stands on its own which is convenience at its finest.

You can push the stroller with one hand too as it mimics a single stroller’s style and build.  Plus, back seat easily folds when not in use.


It is high end and it definitely maneuvers just like a single stroller which gives it a huge plus in our book.


First and foremost (even though this is a bit late), we’d like to commend Chicco for listening to comments both for competitor and their own products.  They addressed the common complaint in sit and stand strollers which is the lack of rear seat space when front seat has a car seat or when reclined.     

Their solution might be their con too.  Their front seat does not totally recline to provide a huge room for the rear seat.  Some parents are okay with this while the others who prioritize napping comfort are not too ecstatic about this.


The canopy is adjustable to provide decent protection for the kids.  As usual, there’s the 5-point harness in the front and 3-point harness for the rear seat.  The handle, unlike the others, is built with the same material as the frame so it is sturdy.

Your older kid standing in the rear area also has a designated handle so you are assured of his safety the entire trip.

Other features

The zippered pocket in the parent organizer is a favorite in our team.  You can safely place your cellphone and keys without the fear of them falling off.  The zippered tray has a cup holder too for storing your favorite beverages and sparing your hands to do something else.

Apart from the enormous storage basket, the stroller also has pockets for storing kids’ toys.  And don’t forget about the child tray that easily detaches.

The good

  • handles for standing child
  • roomy rear seat
  • zippered pocket and parent organizer

The not so good

  • missing features for its price
  • a bit heavy
  • only compatible with Chicco car seats
  • can only hold 40 pounds per seat
  • front seat is quite small
  • front seat does not totally recline
  • cup holders might wobble and fall

If you already own a Chicco car seat, if the price or low weight limit is okay with you, then you might want to consider splurging on this little luxury.

However, we don’t recommend this for day long activities if your child likes to nap.

Click here to see Chicco Bravofor2 on Amazon

How Do We Rate Our Sit and Stand Strollers?

Each sit and stand stroller was evaluated based on the criteria below.  These were in no order of importance:

  1. Ease of Use:  How can this stroller make your life easier?  Is it easy to fold and unfold?
  2. Safety: Is it made of sturdy materials?  Does the seat belt keep your baby from falling or slipping?  Does it have brakes?  Is it safety certified?  Do the safety elements work?  Can the canopy shield the kids?
  3. Comfort:  Can the wheels provide stability?  Do the wheels have suspension?  Does the seat recline?  Is the seat well-padded?
  4. Maneuverability: Is it easy to navigate?  Can it go through different kinds of obstacles or terrains?  Is pushing easy?
  5. Other features:  Is cleanup easy?  Is the storage area enough for your needs?  Does it have other accessories that you can buy?   


If you want a lighter and more affordable choice than the Chicco BravoFor2, if you want more than the basic, if you want something that you can easily change to adjust the weight, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stand-on is the best and also our top pick.  The front seat is huge and you will maximize its usage through the years.

If you don’t want to commit to a double stroller, if you want a budget friendly stroller, if your children have an age gap, the Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand on Stroller is recommended for you.  It will give your short trips a huge difference.

If you already own a Graco snugride or click connect car seat, if you prioritize naps for your little ones, and if your children have a 3 year age gap, the Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller is a great choice.  Your babies will be tightly secured in the car seat adapter plus it has the bells and whistles that not all pricey strollers have.

If you want an affordable alternative to the Graco Roomfor2 that can accommodate a car seat at the back, if your kids have close age gap, and if you have a really tight budget,  the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller is the perfect choice.  It has several riding positions plus it works well despite its crazy low price.

If you are considering having more than 2 kids, if you have at least a 2.5 year age gap, if you don’t mind splurging for the different accessories to have different riding positions, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux is for you.  You will be smiling to yourself thinking about all the things you can do with this one and all the luxury that it has to offer.

If you already own a Chicco car seat, if good looks is one of your factors to consider when buying, if the price or low weight limit is okay with you, then you might want to buy the Chicco Bravofor2.  It addresses the squishy back seat problem and it just looks so good you will be every parent’s envy.

What do you think of this list? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section. Have a great day ahead. Better yet, do check out our list of top double umbrella strollers if you are not quite invested in sit and stand strollers just yet.

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