Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Review: Jam-packed Features For Less
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Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Review: Jam-packed Features For Less

The last thing any jetsetting families with toddlers want is to struggle with bulky and inconvenient stroller that is difficult to fold.   

Whether you are wandering via airplane, train, bus, or whatever mode of travel, you are well aware that bringing your big, heavy-duty stroller to your travels will make it more difficult to navigate through both crowded or narrow spaces.  And let’s not forget about having to fold and tuck it right away as soon as possible.

You just want something that folds easy and fast, something that will let you cruise the streets sweat-free, something that is light and can be stored easily if need be.  Fortunately for us, parents, there’s Summer Infant 3D Lite convenience that we can consider choosing.

You might be thinking if this can withstand the test of time especially when it needs to be lugged around during your travels so let us stop those thoughts.  The goal of this review is to help you decide if this stroller fits your wanderlust needs or if you need to pick another suitable candidate.

We are going to cover its features, what people have to say about it, and our verdict.  You can check out our table of contents below if you already have something in mind.  Otherwise, let’s get this review started.

But if you are in a hurry,

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Fold Away

The Summer Infant 3D Lite convenience wouldn’t be called as such if it weren’t truly convenient.  One of the many features that makes this lightweight stroller stand out is its three-step fold process.  Three steps, you say?  Yes!

First, you need to unlock your canopy.  Second, pull up the rear handle as you push the lever with your foot.  Lastly, push forward and down.  It literally takes seconds to do this and you won’t even break a sweat.

To unfold, all you have to do is push on a lever and that’s it.  This thing just pops open without delays.  The ease of folding and unfolding is specially useful when you need to check it at the gate in the airport.

If you want, Summer Infant sells a carrying bag for the stroller but I don’t recommend it as it is not necessary.  The stroller comes with a carrying strap so you can throw it over your shoulder during your travel.  Although, I am not particularly crazy about the strap because it is not padded but it works just fine for short period of carrying.   

Lean Back

For its reasonable price, this light-as-a-cotton buggy fully reclines.  This element just blew me away as it can save your outings from becoming a total disaster.  I mean you can take walks, and let baby nap comfortably in the cushioned seat while you are out and about.  When baby wakes up, she feels fresh and energized so you can safely avoid the terrible tantrums (and the judging eyes).

If you are unsure where the changing stations are, you can always change your baby’s nappy minus the hassle.  When you are done, you can adjust the seat back up with one hand.  Yep, you read that right – just one hand.  This buggy really stays true to its name – convenience.

The only bummer is that the seat is still reclined even in its fully upright position.  This is definitely not a deal breaker though as this is awesome for parents with younger babies.  But who am I to complain when it’s giving us 4-recline positions for its pocket-friendly price.  Right?    

Featherweight Fit For Travel

This stroller only weighs 13 lbs but it can accommodate up to 50 lbs of cargo.  If you need to carry it for public transportation, just use its strap and sling it over your shoulder.

Since it is lightweight, you can easily lift and toss it to your car trunk or lug down the stairs.  One of the features it boasts is that it is not bulky so you can easily maneuver through tight spaces and crowded places.

The stroller can be folded compactly but don’t expect it to fit airplane’s overhead bins.  You will need to check it in.  It may not be as small as the GB Pockit but it does not take up much space at home or in the trunk.

There’s More?

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is not just about its 4-recline position.  It does not disappoint as it has other impressive features as well:

  1. Fit for tall people – the manufacturer has tall people in mind upon creating this lightweight baby.  People even as tall as 6 feet did not complain about kicking the back wheels during their cruises.
  2. UV-blocking canopy – the canopy is not only adjustable but can also block UVA and UVB rays.  However, it does not have a peek-a-boo mesh window so you need to go to the front to check on baby.  If you need more sun protection, you can purchase Summer Infant’s rayshade that’s also water repellent to keep your baby dry during rainy season.
  3. Tough 6-inch wheels – we have to tell you up front that this is not a jogging stroller so this means that you cannot use this on ALL kinds of surfaces.  In spite of that, it does its job well even in potholed sidewalks.  The front wheels can swivel to 360 degrees and can be locked so you can easily go straight or take a turn.

The front wheels have built-in suspension so expect a semi-smooth ride.  But again, they are not suitable for every terrains such as grass and gravel.

4. Generous storage spaces – the back storage is big enough to fit your phone, wallet, keys, or spare change.  There’s a cup holder too for either baby’s water bottle or momma’s coffee.  The underneath basket can hold a large diaper bag or your little one’s wipes, toys, or snacks.

5. Ergonomic handles – you won’t hurt your hands with the handlebars as they are not rubbery and hard.  They are foam handles and they are contoured so they fit your fingers nicely.  Plus, tall parents or guardians don’t need to hunch over to reach them.  

Mystery Box: What’s Inside

The components of the stroller include:

  • 1 stroller frame with seat and basket
  • 1 cup holder
  • 1 canopy
  • 2 front wheels
  • 2 rear wheels
  • 1 Instruction manual

Make sure that you inspect and thoroughly check the components for any damage.  If you see any parts that are broken, contact the customer service representative so you can have it replaced.

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What Say You?

As of writing, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is hailed as Amazon’s Choice.  It also has more than 4000 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 stars which is reassuring.

The unanimous opinion that we got is that parents love that the seat fully reclines for its price.  The nicely padded seat is said to provide comfort even on long trips.  They even said that it is incredibly comfortable for its price.  Although it is affordable, the stroller is sturdy due to its aluminum frame and the fabric does not easily tear.

For every toddler-toting family, storage is necessary and this one did not disappoint in this department.  There’s the storage bin underneath, a little flap behind the canopy that can hold different things, plus a cup holder.  Speaking of canopy, it provides enough shade and can block UV rays.  

Tall parents are crazy over the handlebars and the fact that their toes don’t touch the rear wheels.  Smaller parents (5’1 and below) complain a bit about it but said that this is not a big deal.

Apart from the fact that this stroller is lightweight (and has a carry strap), parents are delighted with its handy mechanism for folding and unfolding.  They said that almost everything is doable with one hand and that this is a life saver.

There are quite a few drawbacks though.  First is that the stroller is recommended for smaller babies and those below 3 years old.  You will find that taller kids’ feet will dangle and might touch the wheels which is unsafe.  So it is best to stash it away if observed that your kid is already taller.

Second is that the canopy does not have a really wide coverage.  For this, you can buy the Rayshade for better protection.

Lastly, the underneath storage is awkward to get to with a huge diaper bag specially when you have a reclined seat.  If you are in this situation, you can always hang your diaper bag on the handlebar.  Easy.

Majority of the parents recommend this stroller for travel and for occasional use.  They stressed out that this stroller is packed with useful features for its price point.


If you have a small baby or toddler, if you frequently travel, or if you are looking for a quality stroller on a tight budget, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience is the best lightweight stroller for you.  

Its reclining feature suits babies who love to nap during travels and walks, and handy for changing diapers on-the-go.  It is lightweight too for hassle-free public commute and travels.  Just sling it over your shoulder with its carry strap and you are good to go.

It is durable, dependable, and has the bells and whistles for its budget price.  Unless you jog all the time, you will do well with this stroller.

Or maybe, you’d like to check out our review of the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller instead?

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