Potty Training Underwear: Why Is It Worth It?
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Potty Training Underwear: Why Is It Worth It?

Potty training underwear, pants, or pull ups.  They are your reliable companions when you feel that it is time for your little kiddo to transition from diapers to regular “big kid” underpants.

We know that you are already stressed out from all the available options plus the stress from trying to potty train your child.  So let us help you if you are still not quite sure about which type of potty training “tool” to use for this important milestone in your child’s life.  

Having said so, this post will cover the advantages and disadvantages of potty training underwear, and its comparison to pull ups.

Why Are Parents Stressed About Potty Training?

I honestly thought at first that potty training is a no-brainer kind of thing.  I mean all you need to do is “shoot” your waste into the potty, right?  But this is not the case with kids.  NO, IT IS NOT (and I am telling you this with conviction).

Potty training is difficult for babies.  For starters, they need to learn how to hold their poop or pee in which is already a huge feat in itself.  Another thing to think about is how or where to put their waste in.  Lastly, they will also need to unlearn the habit that they have been used to since birth – to just poop and pee whenever and wherever.

Simply put, there’s too much going on so it is frustrating for both parents and kids.  So what do you need?  Tools such as potty training underwear.  But are they really worth it?

Is Potty Training Underwear Worth It?

Yes, for the following reasons:

  1. Money-saving –  whenever I look at disposable diapers, I only see tons of cash being thrown into the trash…which hurts me a lot hahaha.  But when I use underwear, I feel like I am saving a lot of money because they are inexpensive and reusable.

When there are accidents, I simply rinse them off with water and then wash.  It’s that easy.  But if there are days when you are feeling a bit lazy (like me), you can simply rinse and set it aside somewhere so you can wash it later.

The amount of money you save will be useful for something buying something else (or maybe cash for some pamper time, perhaps?).

2. Helps kids be aware of themselves – unlike pull-ups, potty training underwear are less absorbent. This means that babies will know if they are wet or soiled.  Consequently, they learn better about their bodily functions and learn how to keep themselves dry and clean.  After which, they will want to use the toilet which helps in speeding up the transition.

3. Kids love character underwear – the trick here is to buy your kid’s favorite character.  For instance, my son loves Lightning McQueen so much so I bought him a set of this for his potty training underwear.  

I told him that if he doesn’t want McQueen to get wet or dirty, he should tell me if he needs to relieve himself.  If he has an “accident”, I simply tell him that McQueen needs to be washed.  But he will be dizzy from all the spinning.  Poor McQueen.

My son gets guilty about this so he tries his hardest not to pee or poop in his underwear.  Hahahah Am I a horrible mother?  Be careful about this trick though as sometimes kids will hold their pee in too much which might result to UTI (urinary tract infection).

4. Practical and environment-friendly – underwear are easy to pull up and down which makes the training a little less hard.  Plus, they are great for the planet.  Did you know that it takes 500 years of more for disposable diapers to decompose?  Yikes.  

We don’t want our kids to be swimming in a huge amount of trash in the years to come, right?  No one wants that.  Thus, I am more than willing to sacrifice comfort and convenience for doing my part in saving the planet.  And no, I am not kidding about this.

There are a few disadvantages to using potty training underwear though.  First is that since they are not extra absorbent, your house might get messy and dirty.  A puddle of wee here, and a mountain of poop there.  That’s a load of furniture and surfaces to clean right there.   

And don’t even get me started with laundry.  Since kids find it difficult to keep their “mess” in, expect a huge pile of undies to wash.  At some point, it made me think why I even started this.  I cried and laughed and then cried some more.  But who cares?  As long as my baby learns to pee and poop in the toilet, then it is fine with me.  

Potty Training Underwear VS. Pull Ups

I have asked parents about this and I can say that there are varying opinions.  Here is what I came up with based on my survey and, of course, my experience.

Pull ups are great for those who are still starting out.  This is a good option for parents who are not that fully committed to potty training yet and are still testing the waters.  These “diapers” provide a safety net to keep the kids from the accidents or messes around the house which is such a huge help specially when it comes to cleaning time.

However, the pull ups are extra absorbent.  This means that some babies may not know that they have already peed or soiled themselves.  Others don’t even mind that they are soaking wet as long as they are playing with their toys.

As a result, potty training is delayed and extended as babies will feel that it is still okay for them to just pee and poop without letting you know about it.  This is where potty training underwear come to play.

Potty training underwear, specifically the cloth ones, are the best for this transition as toddlers will have no choice but to stop whatever they are doing just when they are already wet to get changed.  Eventually, they will also be forced to keep themselves dry to continue what they love doing.  Plus, they are regular underwear so the babies will feel like they are big kids already.

In the end, the choice between the two largely depends on your preference.  You will not know which to choose unless you try using the two.

What do you think moms and dads?  What are your experiences when it comes to potty training underwear.  We’d love to hear your thoughts about this…and also, have you read about my post about why I hate breastfeeding? Not yet? Please do so and let’s talk about it.

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