Portable Diaper Changing Table: 4 Best Selling Life and Relationship Savers
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Portable Diaper Changing Table: 4 Best Selling Life and Relationship Savers

I have a 3 year old son and I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a portable diaper changing table.  I have doubted so many things in my life before but not having a changing table.  Why?  You will spend lots of your waking hours on changing your baby’s nappies so make sure that you have something that will make your changing faster and a little less fussy.  Take it from me.

If truth be told be told, many parents will say that you don’t really need a portable diaper changing table.  You can just place a changing mat on your bed for quick changes, or a clean towel on top of your dresser to do what needs to be done.  However, nothing beats a trusty changing table.

With a changing table, you don’t need to hunch over and hurt your back for changing diapers as much as 12 times a day.  You also get a specially designated space for your diaper-changing needs so everything is all in once place.

In addition to that, a diaper changing table has side walls and strap to keep baby from falling and slipping.  That’s not all.  It keeps baby in place so you don’t need to wrestle him (and get poop and pee all over the place because of the wrestling) as you change into fresh diapers.

Best of all, a portable diaper changing table can save relationships.  How so?  Let me give you an example.  One time, my aunt invited a couple of people over to her house to celebrate her birthday.  We were all busy catching up and laughing our hearts away when suddenly, one of the kiddos pooped.

The panicked first-time mom wanted to change the kid’s diaper right away because the smell was becoming unbearable.  So, to our horror, she plopped the baby on the coffee table and changed him right then and there.  We, specially my aunt, were shocked at what transpired and something like this never happened again.

Sadly, that girl was never invited to any gathering ever again…and no, I am not that girl (just to be clear).  We are still friends and talking but no one ever invites her anymore.  If only she had a portable diaper changing table ready in the car with her back then, she would still be hanging out with everyone.

We have rounded up different portable changing tables making rounds in the market today.  We did surveys and asked users what they have to say about the products.  In the end, we came up with a few that are highly recommended.

Whether you want the best of the best or the reliable runner-ups, this review will point you to the right portable diaper changing table that will suit your needs.

You can take a look at our table of contents below to skip the other parts.  Otherwise, let’s start with the review.

#1 Costzon Baby Changing Table: Best of the Bunch

We know that it’s not the most pleasing in the eyes but that’s nothing to worry about as the changing table won’t be in your sight most of the time.  The Costszon Baby Changing Table folds flat and can be stored underneath the bed, inside the closet, under the crib, behind a door, virtually anywhere.

It takes two minutes or so to pull the pins, and place it inside the back of an SUV so you can take this portable diaper changing table with you when you travel. This is great for those who are renting a vacation house, or visiting grandma over the weekend.

Don’t be deceived by looks.  This table might have svelte legs but it is sturdy enough for even the most restless babies.

This portable diaper changing table has underneath storage, and four compartments in the side to put all the baby’s needs.  You can remove the pad so you can use the changing table for bathing.  The table comes with a plastic bath tub, by the way.

Since the table is lightweight, it is easy to carry around from one room to another, or even to another home.

The Costzon Baby Changing Table mostly garnered 5-star rating from satisfied customers.  One reviewer said that it is a lifesaver for those who live in tiny spaces as it is easy to fold and use.

However, there are quite a few who are frustrated with the assembly and their lack of customer service.

Pros: folds flat, comes with a bath tub, highly portable, lightweight

Cons: assembly is difficult, poor customer service

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#2 Kinbor Baby Changing Table: Most Economical

This portable diaper changing table is multifunctional as it also works as a massage table for baby.  It has accessories so you can drape wet towels and clothes on the side.  

The Kinbor Baby Changing Table has a mesh organizer for wet wipes, diapers, and nappy cream, and a fabric base underneath that acts as an additional storage for lightweight items.  

This changing station is a great choice as a secondary changing table so you don’t need to go up to baby’s bedroom in the 2nd floor for a quick diaper change, or perfect for grandma’s house so that baby has her own place to change while visiting.

While it is true that this portable diaper changing table folds up, it is not an easy thing to do.  You will need to open the side pouch to take out the board, and loosen the braces on the legs to fold it.  Honestly, this is something that you install and just leave it be to avoid the trouble.

The changing area is a bit difficult to clean so we suggest that you place a washable cloth over it.  Can’t complain much though considering its price is functionality.

Pros: affordable, high enough for back relief, safety strap to keep baby in place, can function as drying rack

Cons: challenging assembly (lacks instructions), table easily stains and is not easy to clean, a bit wobbly, larger than expected

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#3 Lucky Link Infant Changing Table: Runner-Up

The Lucky Link Infant Changing Table has a drying rod on two sides so you can dry baby’s slightly wet garments.  It has generous storage spaces to place your baby’s things so everything is within arm’s reach.

Users are happy that this portable changing table is high enough so it keeps them from bending too much to change baby’s nappies.  One mom fresh from C-section remarked that this is perfect for her as she does not have to use the stairs to reach baby’s room to freshen up baby.  

Some users commented that it is a bit wobbly but is steady when baby is already on the changing station.  They say that having a handy table for travel outweighs this tiny flaw.

Speaking of travel, this one takes a few minutes to take apart and tuck away.  The fabric is washable to so you can just pop it into the washer if it is stained.

Pros: easy to assemble and disassemble, washable fabric

Cons: fabric stains

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#4 Forstart Baby Changing Table With Wheels: Easiest To Move

Among the portable diaper changing tables in this list, the Forstart Baby Changing Table is the only one with wheels.  The wheels can turn 360 degrees and can be locked.  For this reason, parents find it easy to maneuver from one room to another (just like a lightweight stroller).   

It also has the most generous space for baby’s stuff.  There are two levels of storage space in one side, an underneath shelf, and a drying rack on the other side.  If you don’t need the changing table, you can switch from table mode to a full time drying rack stand by just removing the table.

Parents with a huge height difference will love that this table can be adjusted.  This way, neither one of the parent hunches over to change diapers.

However, the fabric of the table is not easy to clean and machine-washable.  We suggest that you cover it with something that’s easy to clean.

Pros: adjustable height, generous storage, has wheels, removable table to become a full drying rack, cute color

Cons: material is not washable, easily stains

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Factors in Choosing The Best Portable Diaper Changing Table

First thing to look for is heavy duty steel frame with no-skid legs to ensure that your table will stay where you want it to stay.  Pick sturdy metal frames over aluminum ones as the latter are lighter and not as stable than the former.

Make sure that the table has skin-friendly fabric and enough padding for a soft cushion.  The edges must be raised to keep the baby from easily falling.  Straps are essential here, too.

Apart from being portable, those mentioned qualities are important for us.


Those with limited budget will find the Kinbor Baby Changing Table as their best ally for a secondary changer.  It has all the features that the others have for a price that’s just right.

If you want to get the best of the bunch, buy the Costszon Baby Changing Table.  It folds flat so you can store it virtually anywhere.  This is great for households with not enough space, and for short travels.

A close second to the best is the Lucky Link Infant Changing Table.  Get this if you want one that is machine washable.  Plus, it takes less than a minute to set up and disassemble.

Tired of carrying your portable diaper changing table from one room to another?  Try the Forstart Baby Changing Table that has lockable wheels.  It easily fits through doorways so you don’t need to lug it.

So what do you think?  Which is the best portable diaper changing table for you?

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