Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2 Review: Outstanding But Not For Everyone
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Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2 Review: Outstanding But Not For Everyone

Think about waking up in the morning feeling revitalized and refreshed – ready to go about on your day’s tasks.  Smile and hum as you get up from the nights of peaceful and restful sleep because you have someone or something that will keep an eye on your baby as you doze off at night.  However, this is far from reality for parents with newborn babies.  Why?  SIDS.  Parents, like us, are always anxious and want to check our babies from time to time to see if the baby is still breathing.

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is serious and is every parent’s worst nightmare.  For this, parents will want to invest in smart tools that will secure their little one’s safety.  It is only right that you are here and considering the Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2.   

It may not be everyone’s choice for many reasons, but it gives many parents a sense of security and relief.  The aim of our review here is to help you decipher whether or not this product best fits you and your family or if your money is better invested elsewhere.

We are going to cover how to use it, what it can or cannot do, and what people say about it.  If you have other questions in mind, please take a look at the table of contents below.  Otherwise, keep scrolling and let’s get started.  

But if you are in a hurry,

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Not Your Ordinary Baby Monitor

The Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2 is not your ordinary baby monitor – it does not come with an audio or video monitor.  Yes, you read it right.  It might not show you what your baby is doing in real time but it monitors your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep through their clinically-proven pulse oximetry.  This feature matters the most for those whose babies need extra attention.

The Smart Sock connects to a base station that glows green to let you know that your baby is thriving.  However, it will alarm and change color to signal if something is wrong.  In addition to that, you will get an app notification if heart rate or oxygen levels are too high or too low.

What this means is that all parents (like you) need to do is take a restful sleep knowing that you will be made aware if the levels are beyond the recommended safe zones.  This translates to less anxiety too as you can have a trustworthy companion to keep watch of your fragile little one as you take that much needed rest.

So let’s talk about the cute booties.  The adorable socks are cottony soft, lightweight, and comfortable so it does not inconvenience babies even though they are wrapped around the foot.  The socks come in three sizes to snugly fit babies from 0 to 18 months or up to 25 pounds.

Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2: How To Use

As someone who has repeatedly dressed a squirming, squiggly baby, we can tell you that ease of use matters a lot especially for parents who are always on-the-go.  Fortunately, the socks are hassle-free.  All you need to do is slip it on your baby’s foot and lock it with velcro.

Simply adjust the tape so it fits securely on your baby’s foot.  If the strap goes over the velcro, just change to a smaller size booty and try again.  Based on our experience, it is recommended that you alternate the socks from left to right foot each night.  Don’t worry as this is effortless.  For more instructions on how to do this, click here to read the user manual.  

Also, we suggest that you gently hand wash the socks to avoid damaging the internal parts.

The glowing base station is already a huge amount of help in regards to alerting you of baby’s status.  But Owlet did not just stop there.  You can also get real time updates via your mobile phone.  This is made possible through the Owlet mobile app.

So whether you are busy in the kitchen preparing meals or working a thousand miles away from your baby, you are sure that you can access your baby’s data and in-depth reports through the app.  This means that you won’t miss out on your baby’s important updates while keeping focus on your work.

Just don’t forget to connect your base station to your wifi network or make sure that the baby’s socks are connected to the base station.

The sock sensor and base station can still “communicate” even though they are 100 feet apart.  This means that you will still be able to get updates even if the baby (with the socks on) is in the nursery and the base station is in your room.  There are still kinks to this though.

You will need to test this out as the effectiveness of “communication” will still depend on the location of your rooms and the materials of your home.  For best results, we suggest that you try out different locations to see what works for you.  

EMF (electromagnetic field): Is it safe?

We all know the dangers of EMF radiation and Owlet does not deny this.  In fact, when asked about the radiation emitted by the baby monitor, this is what their customer service representatives have to say:

To add to that, they ensured us that the Owlet Smart Sock 2 minimizes the amount of EMF by using ultra-low power Bluetooth for its wireless communication.

There is an ongoing debate regarding the hazard posed by the Bluetooth signal though.  Is it safe for the baby?  Will it affect them?  Our take on this is that any wearable baby monitor will emit radiation.  The thing is that there are many reasons that outweigh the risk of radiation exposure.  But to be on the safe side, we recommend that you keep the base and your wifi router as far from the baby as possible.

Mystery Box: Inclusions

You will see the following items upon unboxing:

  • 3 fabric socks for 0 to 18 months
  • 1 Smart Sock Sensor
  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Charging cord

Just download the free Owlet app from iOS App Store and Android Play Store so you can pair it with your base station.  The app requires iOS 8 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher.  Another thing to note is that wifi connection is required for the Owlet app to work.

Parents’ and Guardians’ Opinions

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child.  For this reason, we often seek out help from other parents and guardians to come up with important decisions such as this one – purchasing an important tool.  This is the mixed opinions that we got for the Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock 2.  

As of writing, the product garnered 4 out of 5 stars in the reviews in Amazon and 902 customer reviews.

The common complaint from parents is that the device gives out false alarms (and volume can’t be adjusted either).  Imagine waking up in the middle of the night because of an ear-splitting alarm only to find out that nothing is actually wrong with your baby.  This can be considered though.  In our research, we found experts saying that even heart rate and O2 monitors in hospitals give out false alarms every now and then so we can’t blame the Owlet for this minute flaw.  

A few parents are not too happy about their baby’s data being uploaded to the cloud server either.  They are wondering why there is a need for it.  To answer this, we’ll give you a scenario.  What if you are beating a deadline at work and you can’t call home every second of the day to ask your significant other how your baby is doing?  Do you travel and go home just to get a glance of the base station?  No, you get access of this data through your mobile app so you can still monitor your baby even if you are away.  Is this really something to complain about?

We’re glad to report to you that majority of the reviews are glowing.  They are not all bad.  

In one review, one parent whose baby was born at 30 weeks spent a month and a half in NICU.  They were hesitant to go home because they did not know what to do.  How will they monitor the baby?  One mom recommended the Owlet to them and it definitely delivered.  

According to their review, setup was easy and battery lasts a long time.  All they needed to do was look at the base and know that things are perfectly working.  The station has its own pre-set parameters for when to go off so they did not have to adjust anything.

Another baby with an apneic spell benefited from the Smart Sock as well.  Parents were too scared to go home from pedia ICU because they didn’t know what can happen next to their baby.  Who wouldn’t be scared about something like this?  Thankfully, they tried the Owlet Baby Monitor to track the baby’s heart rate and O2 levels which were their biggest concerns.  

Many parents echoed the same sentiments – of the Owlet being a lifesaver.  They claim that the Owlet gave them peace of mind.

As for the false alarms, parents suggest to watch videos online to help parents properly use the device.  The sock may be easy to put on but it is also possible to incorrectly put it on.  This is oftentimes the cause of false alarms which some parents are not too fond of.  Make sure you watch the videos to get tips.  There are tons of them so you can’t miss them.

What’s aching parents the most is that they wish that it is cheaper so that other parents can buy this too.  We know too well how that feels so we want the same too.

Our Opinion

If you are a parent who has a baby under 12 months old and is in constant fear of SIDS…if you have a baby with pre-existing conditions that requires constant and religious monitoring of heart rate and oxygen levels, the Owlet Baby Monitor Sock 2 is an outstanding purchase that is worth every penny spent.

This baby monitor is more accurate than video and baby monitors combined if your baby has more needs.  For this reason, you can catch up on your sleep, and wake up feeling invigorated and more refreshed.  Thus, giving your little one the best version of you that she needs and deserves.  On top of that, you are assured that your most prized possession, your baby, is in good hands.

But if your baby is older than 12 months old, and risks of SIDS is already reduced…if you want to check if your baby is up and crying all night, then we recommend that you use this baby monitor as complement to your video and audio monitor.

if you are interested in the best audio baby monitor in the market, do click that link over there and let us know of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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