Graco Forward Facing Car Seat: Review of Graco Top Favorites
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Graco Forward Facing Car Seat: Review of Graco Top Favorites

Parents are always on the lookout for any available Graco forward facing car seat.  Why so?  Graco is one of the many highly-rated manufacturers when it comes to forward facing car seats.

If you ask me, switching from rear-facing car seat to front facing car seat is pretty much like a graduation or a milestone that parents are looking forward to.  Truthfully, I want my little man to stay in the rear-facing car seat for as long as possible but his legs look a bit scrunched.  I feel like he is a bit uncomfortable so I just had to make a switch.

The switch was fun for me.  It was a change that I loved.  Why?  Imagine, you can finally see your little one’s face when you check up on him from the front seat.  Most importantly, you can see what he is up to.

It bothers me a lot when I am upfront or driving and I can’t see my little man.  I feel like my curious boy is up to something..and it somewhat drives me crazy not knowing. Hahaha.  This feeling is especially unhelpful when you are driving.  Can you relate to this?

Anyhow, this Graco Forward Facing Car Seat review will list the top favorites based on our survey and interviews.  But before that, let us discuss what Forward-facing seats are.

What Are Forward-Facing Car Seats?

Graco Forward Facing Car Seat manufacturer knows that it is every parent’s job to keep their child safe.  In fact, this is of utmost concern.  Did you know that thousands of children die from car crash every year?  Fortunately, proper use of safety precautions such as seat belts and car seats keep kids safe.

However, there are so many car seats being sold today.  Too much car seats if I may say so.  This makes it overwhelming to pick one.

If you are still expecting a baby, now is the best time to learn everything there is no know about car seats.  This is to make sure that you take your baby home safely.  The type of seat depends on your child’s age, size, and needs.  Toddlers and preschoolers are required to use forward-facing seats.

Forward-facing car seats are for children who have exceeded the weight and height limit for rear-facing seats.  Sometimes, they are called harness-to-booster seat or combination seat.

Unlike the convertibles, these car seats are upright so they fit snugly even in cramped backseats.  The expensive ones are made of steel and are heavy.  Their less expensive counterparts are lighter.

Now that we know a bit about front-facing car seats, let us proceed to the Graco Forward facing car seat review.

Graco Forward Facing Car Seat: Review of Favorites

In this part of the review, we will discuss different Graco Forward Facing Car Seats so you can take a closer look at each one of them.  Here they are:

#1 Graco Tranzitions: Budget-Friendly

This Graco Forward Facing Car Seat is the top pick when it comes to affordability.  In addition to that, it is really convenient and easily fits small backseats.  

The parents love that it is narrow so that it can with other passengers in small cars.  The best thing is that it can still accommodate big kids despite its narrowness.

The seat also comes with no-rethread harness.  This way, all you need to do is move the straps up and down to make adjustments without having to take out the seat.  It has cup holders too which is already a plus considering its price.

However, it does not have steel reinforcement so it is considerably lighter than the others in this list.  The good thing about this is that you can easily transfer it from one car to another.

Best of all, cleanup is a breeze.  The fabric is pretty much like a wetsuit so you can use a sponge to wipe off spilled juice or milk.  Take the fabric off and throw it into the washing machine if you need to thoroughly clean the seat.  All it takes it popping off the snaps and hooks and you can start washing.  Let it hang to dry and you are good to go.

To summarize, this Graco forward facing car seat aptly named as Graco Tranzitions is a popular choice among parents who are looking for inexpensive and easy-to-use car seat.  As of date, I have not heard of any complaints from using it.

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#2 Graco Nautilius SnugLock LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster: Best Bang For Buck

This Graco forward facing car seat is packed with features considering its price.  This car seat can accommodate bigger kids weighing up to 65 lbs for harnessed forward-facing, up to 100 lbs for both high back booster and backless booster.

This car seat makes use of the SnugLock technology which is a mechanism that allows you to set up the car seat without the hassle and struggle.  Simply put, the car seat tightens itself.  With this feature alone, we can tell that this Graco forward facing car seat is user-friendly.

Unlike the first featured car seat, this one is steel reinforced so it is tougher.  It also comes with dual cup holders, and a compartment for storage.  The best thing is that this is designed to last up to 10 years so this car seat will surely grow with your little one.

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#3 Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Infant to Toddler Car Seat: Grows With Your Baby

This particular Graco forward facing car seat is multifunctional.  It can transform from a rear-facing seat, to forward-facing, to high back booster, to a backless booster.  It can carry passengers up to 120 lbs.  No wonder, it is called Graco 4Ever.  Get it?

What stood out for me what that it is especially designed to protect your baby from front, rear, side, and even rollover crashes.  Caring for the car seat is simple as well.  With its Rapid Remove feature, you can easily take off the seat cover without having to uninstall the seat.  Then, wash the cover away (yes, I love to wash).

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#4 Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat: Best For Cramped Spaces

Would you believe that you can fit two of these on your backseat, and you can still fit another person in between?  Yes, it’s that narrow and small.  Despite its size, it is durable and it even exceeded safety standards.

Why 3-in-1?  It can change from rear-facing, to forward-facing, to high-back booster car seat.  It is reinforced with steel so it is long-lasting.  Its foamed seats can effectively withstand strong impact while providing comfort for its passengers.

Like the others, it has InRight Latch system which makes the installation and securing effortless.  As usual, it has cup holders (that can swivel to save space) and an adjustable harness.

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#5 Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat: Rear-Facing Friendly

If you are a parent who wants the best of both world when it comes to rear-facing and forward-facing car seats, this one is made for you.

Why Extend2Fit?  Extension panels are provided so your little on can stay in the rear facing position for longer.  This gives your baby more leg room so the ride is safer and more comfortable.  No worries too if you do decide to shift to the forward facing position as this Graco forward facing car seat passed even the most rigorous crash tests in frontal, side, rear, and even rollover accidents.

As always, Graco provides us with an easy to adjust harness system plus the InRight Latch system for fast installation.

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Those who want a budget-friendly Graco forward facing cat seat without skimping on the features will want to buy the Graco Tranzitions.  It has all the bells and whistles that the high end car seats do minus the steel reinforcement.

If you are planning to buy the Graco Nautilius SnugLock LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster, then know that you get more from your money with this unit.  Parents favor this one because of its SnugLock technology that enables anyone to easily install the car seat sans the necessary struggle.

Looking for a seat that can grow with baby?  Try the Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Infant to Toddler Car Seat.  Aside from being able to use it 4Ever, we love its Rapid Remove feature so clean up is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Families with small backseats will find comfort in Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.  Even when it is small and narrow, it can still withstand strong impact from car crashes.  This is, of course, proven by safety tests and passed standards.

If you want are uncertain when to switch your baby from rear to front facing, the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is the best option for you.  There are extendable panels so your baby has more leg room.  This ensures comfort even with long legs during the ride.

So what do you think of this roster of Graco forward facing car seat?  Have you taken a pick? You might want to check out our sit and stand stroller reviews to find a suitable ride for your kids.

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