Top 6 Picks: Double Umbrella Stroller for 2019
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Top 6 Picks: Double Umbrella Stroller for 2019

You will always hear parents gush about adorable stories about having more than one kid – how fun and amazing it is.  What they don’t tell you is that you might end up losing your sanity having to tow two sometimes unruly and naughty kids -especially if you are on your own.

But if you have the right equipment, shorts strolls or even long distance travels will bring your family an experience that is memorable, magical, and worthwhile.  Now who doesn’t want that?

Our team scoured different double umbrella strollers that have been making noise in social circles and social media today.  We subjected them to batteries of tests, conducted surveys, and asked families that have used them.

Only 6 made it to the top of this list.  Whether you want something with uncompromising quality, overall travel system, the best economy pick, and more, this review will give you options that you think you don’t need but actually needed.

You can check our table of contents below to jump to your specific needs.  Otherwise, let’s get our hands on the review.  

How Do We Rate Our Double Umbrella Strollers?

Each double umbrella stroller was evaluated based on the criteria below.  These were in no order of importance:

  1. Ease of Use:  Is it easy to fold and unfold?  Can you stow it away easily?  
  2. Safety: Is it made of sturdy materials?  Do the safety elements work?  Does it have brakes?  What about the harness?  Is the canopy large enough to protect babies from the elements?
  3. Comfort:  Can the wheels provide stability?  Do the wheels have suspension?  Do the seats recline?  Are the seats well-padded?  
  4. Maneuverability: Does the tire swivel?  Can the wheels work in different terrains?  
  5. Added features:  Does it have cup holders or storage pockets?  Is the storage area enough for your needs?  

Buying Guide

Apart from how we rated the strollers in this list, you will also need to mull over the following factors to consider:

  1. Children’s ages: Do you need to cart around two newborns?  A baby and a toddler? Two toddlers?
  2. Stroller size:  Can it fit your car trunk or storage area?  Will it go through your doorway?
  3. Lifestyle:  Do you travel a lot?  Do you live in a city?  Do you do quick errands?  Do you intend to jog with your babies?
  4. Budget:  How much are you willing to shell out?  How often will you use it?  How long will you use it?

With all those in mind, let’s get to the nitty gritty and get to know the recommended strollers in this short list.

#1 Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double: Best Overall

Ever dreamed of a stroller that can fold itself?  By just pulling the straps in the middle of the seats, the stroller self-folds as if by magic.  And with a parent with two kids in tow, this is definitely a dream come true.  

Because of its versatility, ease of use, and practicality, it is a must-have for growing families that is looking for something that is built to last.  What’s not to love, right?

Ease of Use

Do you feel like your back is breaking with carrying two kids?  Not to worry!  This double stroller is easy to use and push even if the kids are seated side by side.  

As mentioned above, it folds with one hand for storage without the hassle so packing is easy.  With the pull of a string, you are ready and good to go.  It also has an automatic lock so it keeps the stroller closed when in storage or when not in use.


Don’t you hate it when the sun hurts your little one’s eyes?  Do you worry about the sun’s harmful rays when you are out and about?  That should not be a dilemma with its enormous SPF 50+ sun canopies that can be adjusted independently.

Unlike the other strollers, it has hand-operated brakes that are situated on the right side of the canopy – which does not get in the way of pushing or pulling the stroller.

You can use car seat adapters if you want to attach an infant car seat.  You can never go wrong with its 5-point safety harness too.  You are assured that your baby is safely tucked inside the seat while cruising the busy and bumpy streets.  And If you want to check on your little one, you can do so with the peek-a-boo windows.

We already said that it’s great for growing families, right?  The reason is that it has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame that is resistant to everyday wear and tear of life.


Tall parents will no longer need to hunch over to push or pull the stroller because of the adjustable handlebars.  This is something that many double strollers miss to feature.

For the babies, the seats can recline up to 4 different positions.  When the seats are fully reclined, you can remove the back mesh panel for increased air flow.  The seats are padded as well for added comfort.  

This stroller can accommodate up to a maximum head height of 26 inches which is more than what other double strollers can handle.  The stroller can hold a total of 100 pounds and can balance the weight.

The wheels can handle every bump and crack so the passengers feel comfortable all throughout the ride.  


The 8.5” rubber wheels can pivot and are fully suspended so you can effortlessly shift from one terrain to another.  The front wheels lock as well to secure your stops and they have suspensions too.

Other Features

To date, this double stroller is the narrowest in the market therefore making you glide through aisles, busy streets, and doorways.  

There is a storage space underneath the carriage for you and your kids’ things.  Speaking of storage, there are two additional pockets on the back of the seats where you can store your keys, and spare change.

You can buy the compact pram bassinet (which is sold separately) so your newborn can also enjoy the stroller.

The good:

  • the patented quick fold technology
  • huge SPF50+ sun canopies
  • double locking wheels
  • back seat vents for more air flow
  • parking brake in an unconventional location
  • adjustable handlebar
  • can attach one infant car seat and one or two bassinets

The not-so-good:

  • heavy and can be difficult to lift for petite parents
  • only front facing
  • does not fully recline
  • only suitable for babies with head and neck control
  • velcro closure for peek-a-boo window is noisy
  • tall and long-legged parents might end up kicking the stroller with their legs
  • no accessories
  • underneath storage has a bar in the middle so you cant take advantage of the full room

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is everything we envision for growing families that live in the city.  This is great for quick errands that involve narrow spaces and spontaneous off-road walks once in a while.  If you want to invest in an all-around tough double stroller, this one is for you.

Click here to see Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double on Amazon

#2 Zoe XL2 Best V2: Best Overall Runner-up

This company may be quite new in the industry but they are pulling out all the stops to come up with a double stroller that can compete with their more experienced rivals.

Ease of use 

You will need to assemble the model as it arrives but this is nothing to worry about as setup is such a breeze.  Like the other models in this list, the Zoe XL2 Best V2 folds easily with one hand.  It has an automatic lock that locks the stroller in place when folded.  

It can stand on its own so you don’t have to think about it when stowed in the back of the car or in your closet.  You can even leave it to stand when not in use as you are busy playing with your toddler.

It also comes with a storage backpack that you can use to store the stroller.


The generous four-panel sun canopies provide abundant protection against different elements.  What we love about these canopies is that they can go just below the kids’ knees so you know that they are well covered.

You can still see your kiddos though with the peek-a-boo mesh windows that opens and closes with a magnetic closure.  This is such a nice touch because you can check on your napping babies without disrupting their sleep – something that you can’t do with velcro type closure.

To make sure that your kids don’t roll off when you stop, you can activate the single action brake through a long bar across the back.

Let’s also not forget the 5-point harness which is ideal for your squirmy tots.  Another plus is the aluminum frame that is sturdy and dependable.


The seats recline far enough for a comfortable nap time.  Additionally, you can open the back area for added ventilation.  This is specially useful during hot summer months when babies tend to be drenched and soaked with sweat even during quick strolls.


We need to be upfront with you that maneuverability is not their strong suit.  This is the reason why this stroller only ranked a close second to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double.  

It has 4 wheels in the front which is really great for paved surfaces but not too much on grass, gravel, and other surfaces.  You can lock the front wheels in place though so pushing and pulling is easier.

You need to take note though that it is really difficult to navigate with double strollers in general because of the added weight and width.  

Other features

This stroller has bells and whistles that many parents want and need.  For instance, it has a large underneath storage area with elastic back.  It can carry as much as 10 pounds so you can take a diaper bag with you for a full day’s need.

Even the canopy has a pocket for your storage needs.  Your little passengers get to have cup holders and a bumper bar.

Parents have their own cup holder but it is a bit shallow so we worry that the contents might spill over the kids.

The good

  • harness is easy to adjust
  • lightweight
  • great for limited spaces
  • easy to use
  • huge sun canopies
  • 5-point harness
  • added ventilation
  • self-stands
  • magnetic closure for peek-a-boo windows

The not-so-good

  • parent cup holder is shallow
  • difficult in doorways
  • cant accommodate car seats
  • fabric is not washable

If you don’t mind the difficulty in pushing (which is a given in double strollers), you will want this sturdy stroller that performs.  It is ideal for families who love frequenting theme parks and are always on-the-go.  This Zoe XL2 Best V2 is a must-have for its weight and added accessories.  

Click here to see Zoe XL2 Best V2 on Amazon

#3 Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Stroller: Best Double Stroller With Car Seat

We’ll get straight to the point.  The Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 is part of this list because it can withstand use from birth to toddler years.

Ease of use

This stroller, that can hold up to 50 pounds of weight per seat, allows user to push or steer with one hand with its unique center handle.  When your kid is sleeping in the infant seat, simply transfer the car seat to the stroller sans the disruption.  

The other thing we love is that the stroller can accommodate different positions.  You can have two infant car seats to push twins, have one car seat and one stroller seat to accommodate children of different ages, or have two stroller seats.

There is little to no fuss in folding as well.  Plus the stroller self-stands when folded so you can leave it on the side while you go after your busy babies.


First, the stroller has a padded 5-point safety harness to keep your wriggly tots in place.  

It also has a pedal to easily activate the brake.  If you are not sure if you have activated the brake, simply check the red or green indicators that are placed on the rear wheels.

Another thing we love is that canopies are large and are water-resistant so your little ones are protected from sun and rain.

You can check your babies too with the big peek-a-boo windows.


You can make the necessary adjustments with this stroller.  Tall kids can still sit comfortably as the sun canopies can be removed.  Your passengers can sit and nap comfortably as well with the 3 recline positions and padded seat cushions.  Don’t forget about the comfy headrest too.  

Plus, the cushions are reversible and washable.  The leg rest can be adjusted as well.

Another thing we applaud about this stroller is that the newborn is facing the parent when in car seat.  Additionally, the car seat is positioned high up so that you don’t need to bend over too much to tend to your babies’ needs.


It has a total of nine wheels.  It has a central wheel in the front and double central wheels at the back to make pushing extra easy no matter how heavy the cargo is.

All the front wheels can be locked and unlocked to swivel and to withstand any kind of terrain.  If you want to tackle bumpy grounds and pavements, simply lock the front wheels.  

The manufacturers designed it to have front singular wheels to make turning in corners effortless.

Other Features

Parents who are fans of storage will love that it has an underneath basket and parent cup holders for your daily dose of caffeine (or tea).  It has a car seat adapter too for easy transfer from car to stroller.

The good:

  • slim
  • high end style and quality
  • can be used for different (and same) age groups
  • comes in different colors
  • setup is easy
  • light to push
  • car seat adapters are easy to clip on and off

The not-so-good

  • heavy
  • becomes too wide when car seat and cup holder are attached
  • underneath basket are difficult to access
  • too small for diaper bags
  • expensive

If you are parents of a twin bundle of joy and you want something that can grow with your babies until they are toddlers, you are looking at the best choice that is compatible with car seats – the  Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Stroller.  Also, if you want something that is washable as your little ones are known to make a lot of mess, this stroller is a great buy.

#4 Thule Urban Glide 2 Double: Best Double Jogging Stroller

You don’t need to worry about your passengers as the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double stroller does its job well.

Ease of use

You only need to use one hand to fold and it stands on its own for easy stowing away.  However, unfolding requires 2 hands.  This is just a minor flaw though as you don’t need to put in too much effort for that.

Moms with messy kids will love this as it is easy to clean.


The manufacturer has the kids in mind when they crafted the product as they used high quality materials.

In addition to that, they made the sunshades with flip out fabric visor and extensive coverage so that the kids can be covered up to their knees.  Despite the huge coverage, you can still see the passengers with the peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closure.

Let’s not forget about the 5-point safety harness and the single action brakes that easily activates.


Even when the seats are reclined, kids can still feel fresh because of the added ventilation.  The leg rest are padded and the footrest is wide enough for the little tots’ feet.  The fabric is smooth to the touch as well.  The recline can go almost flat too.  All this can assure you of a restful nap for your cute youngster.

Tall moms and dads will like that the handlebar is adjustable so you don’t need to slouch while pushing.


The rubber tires are air filled.  The front wheels swivel while the rear wheels have suspension.  You can lock the wheels in place so that you can run even in uneven surfaces.  

Other features

You don’t need to think about you and your kids’ stuff with the storage that can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.  It also has back pockets and seat back pockets for small belongings.  Your kids have their own storage pockets to keep their own snacks or sippy cups.

The compartment cover is water resistant and is zippered so all you need to think about is your run (and the little passengers, of course).

The good:

  • very easy to push and turn
  • high quality
  • no tools needed to set up
  • can also run in grass, gravel, bumps, curbs

The not-so-good:

  • bulky when folded
  • only accepts one infant car seat
  • hard to navigate in narrow spaces
  • seat back pockets are difficult to access after the seats are reclined
  • suspension is not adjustable
  • not much of a barrier between the seats
  • price

This stroller is for parents who are dead serious about getting back to shape without compromising their little passengers’ comfort or safety.  If you can relate to this, you should buy the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double stroller.

Click here to see Thule Urban Glide 2 Double on Amazon

#5 UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller: Best for Travel

It might not be the lightest stroller in this bunch but we suggest this for families that love to travel.  Why?  They have the UPPAbaby TravelSafe program wherein damages incurred during air travel will be covered by said program.  So what else are we looking forward to with this high-end stroller?

Ease of use

The 75-inch diameter wheels are easy to remove for easy stowing.  If your youngsters like to make huge messes, just remove the seat fabric and wash away.  No more eye sore stains for mommies that are neat freaks.

We have seen lots of videos online of parents claiming that the stroller is easy to fold and unfold.  You don’t need to fight with the stroller to get it to close.

The carry handle is such a life-saver as you can bring your stroller up the stairs or in airports easily.  Plus, it self stands too when folded.


You don’t need to worry about your kids falling over from a flimsy stroller anytime soon as the frame is made from sturdy aluminum.

Your babies will surely be protected from the harsh rays of sun with the large SPF50 canopies that are extendable.  Even so, you can still see the passengers with the peek-a-boo windows.

Active and squiggly kids will be safe in place with the 5-point harness.  And don’t forget about the one-step single-linked parking brake that secures full stoppage of the stroller so it doesn’t roll when you don’t need it to.


You can recline the seats individually so while your newborn is peacefully sleeping on one side of the stroller, your toddler can still be free to see the world around him.  The seats have deep recline so even your littlest baby can use it.

The footrests can be adjusted as well.

The handles are foam, ergonomic and are tilted in so that parents don’t hurt their hands or wrists as they push heavy cargo.

Also, this stroller does not have a middle wheel in the back so there is more stride room for parents.  You don’t end up kicking the wheels too.


The company specifically designed the stroller to have only 4 wheels for better maneuverability.  This way, it moves like a single stroller…but don’t expect it to be like that when you are carrying 2 55-pounder kids.

The front wheels can be locked for stability and all the wheels have suspension so you can fight the bumps.

Other Features

The storage bins are easily accessible.  You can fit even a large diaper bag.  There are pockets underneath the peek-a-boo windows as well to fit personal items.  

Coffee-loving parents will love that it has a cup holder that you can transfer to different areas of the frame.

The good

  • high quality
  • deep, four seat position recline
  • one handed activated recline
  • newborns can use even without car seat
  • mesh foot barrier to keep little babies from slipping
  • headrest for infants

The not-so-good

  • price
  • heavier than others
  • handlebars cannot be adjusted
  • no option to attach car seats

We think that the UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller has tall parents in mind when it was designed.  So lanky parents, rejoice!  This is also a great buy if you have lighter and younger kids, if you have big storage areas, or if size and weight is not an issue for you.

It may be on the pricey side but we assure you that its quality justifies it.

Click here to see UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller on Amazon

#6 Delta Children LX Side By Side: Favorite Economy Pick

This no-nonsense double stroller is a popular pick among parents who just want the basics.  Since it is relatively cheap, parents said that they will not cry over this affordable piece of equipment if it gets stolen or gets lost in the airport.

Ease of Use

Bringing two kids is already stressful and laborious, so why opt for a stroller that might break your back?  This double stroller is the answer to your back aches as it is extra lightweight.  It comes with a soft carrying handle and it easily fits through standard 30 inch doors.

It folds into a compact “umbrella” so it is easier to stow away.  


It has a decent-sized canopy enough to give your little ones shade from the sun.  It is also JPMA certified which means that it did not skimp when it comes to safety.

What we love most about this inexpensive stroller is that it comes with a 5-point harness with soft shoulder pads which is rare for its price range.  Its cheap counterparts only offers 3-point harness so this makes the Delta Children LX side by side a winner in our books.


The 360-degree wheels are shock absorbing so you are assured of a comfy ride for your fussy babies.  The seats have multi-position recline and they recline enough to give kids a cosy nap.


The large 6-inch wheels make the stroller easy to maneuver in different types of surface areas.

Other features 

Coffee-loving parents will love that it has its own parent cup holder – again, a plus for us considering its price.  There are also 2 hanging storage bags for you and babies’ belongings.  Plus, the seat the accommodate up to 35 pounds of passenger per seat.

The good:

  • different colors to choose from
  • shock absorbing front wheels
  • soft shoulder pads
  • easy to lift
  • takes less than 5 minutes to set up

The not-so-good:

  • no underneath storage
  • can’t accommodate car seat
  • small canopy
  • heavy to maneuver if children are heavy
  • handlebars don’t extend
  • cup holders might fall off
  • pockets not large enough

For its price, who are we to complain for the many things that the Delta Children LX Side By Side lacks?  This double stroller suits parents who are travelling on a budget.  This is a far cheaper option than renting strollers on a day-to-day basis.

What we love about this stroller the most is that it is cheap but it passes the industry’s safety standards.  Clearly, safety is of utmost importance to their manufacturer.  You need to take note though that we don’t recommend this as a main stroller and it is best for occasional use only.  It may lack the many features that we want in a stroller but it definitely get things done.  


If you want an overall performer, if you are a growing family living comfortably in the city, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double is the best choice for you.  It fits amazingly in narrow spaces and is perfect be it for mall shopping or for occasional stroll in off-beaten paths.

The Zoe XL2 Best V2 is a great alternative to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double if you don’t mind a bit of exerting effort in pushing.  It has the bells and whistles that many parents are looking for in a double stroller.  This is a great buddy for theme parks and spontaneous trips.  

Parents with twins will want to get the Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Stroller as it is a great investment.  It is compatible with car seats and will grow with your little ones.

If you are looking forward to running and getting back to your fit lifestyle, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double stroller is your best companion.  It gives you the support that you need to cart around two youngsters without compromising safety and quality.

If you are a tall parent who is tired of kicking the rear center wheels of strollers, you need to get the UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller.  This is ideal for families that have bigger storage spaces and are looking for quality equipment.

But if you are in a tight budget, Delta Children LX Side By Side  is the best for you as it gets the job done.

if you think you and your kids are ready for a different kind of stroller, check out our list of top sit and stand strollers.

What do you think of our choices in this post?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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