Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Review: Your Breastfeeding Best Friend and More
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Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Review: Your Breastfeeding Best Friend and More

Whether you imagine yourself breastfeeding hands-free while shopping, or you just want to keep baby close with you all the time, you are wise in considering the Boba Wrap baby carrier.

This carrier may not be everyone’s favorite, but it makes a wonderful daily companion for a lot of newborn parents.  The aim of this review is to help you decide if this can be your go-to everyday carrier…or whether you need to buy something else that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

We are going to cover the features, how to use it, and opinions from users and from our team.

Please feel free to click on our table of contents if there is something specific that you want to read about.  Better yet, let’s get started with this interesting review.

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Benefits of Using a Wrap

For thousands of years, parents have “worn” their little ones by tying them close to their bodies with slings.  This allowed them freedom of movement to do their daily work hands-free.  This still holds true until this day.  

In western cultures though, parents believe that carrying their baby too much will eventually spoil the child causing too much dependence.  But did you know that there are benefits to using wraps and slings?

  1. Babies that are carried all the time do not become clingy when they grow as their need for touch is satisfied early on.  When this happens, babies cry less and have a generally happier disposition.  
  2. Babywearing strengthens bond between parent and child.
  3. Keeping baby close helps regulate baby’s heart rate and body temperature.
  4. Babywearing provides better movement and convenience for parents.
  5. Babies who are worn are more sociable compared to babies that spend more time in cribs and infant seats.
  6. Babies feel more secure when they are often held so they develop better self-esteem.
  7. Being worn makes babies feel like they are still inside the womb.  As a result, they are comfortable and are less fussy as they feel the warmth from their wearer.
  8. Babies who spend a lot of time on their backs have delayed motor development skills as they cannot move freely.  Whereas baby that are worn are free to look around their surroundings and try to reach out for things.

Think about these benefits the next time you doubt carrying your child.  Apart from all those benefits, keeping baby close is practical and enjoyable.  Now what parents does not want all those?


Boba Wrap Baby Carrier: A Breastfeeding Must-Have

You are out shopping with your family when suddenly baby starts crying.  Baby is frantic and squirming so she needs to feed ASAP.  So you find a place where you can sit down and nurse her in peace.  

The problem is that you don’t know where breastfeeding stations are and if there’s one, it’s too far away and baby can no longer wait.  You end up putting your baby bag and shopping bag on the (icky) floor and breastfeed her anyway.

Any first time mom can relate to this story.  We know that.  Our team of moms has experienced this not only once in their busy mom lives.  

But what to do?  Can you combine breastfeeding and shopping in one?  Is there any way to make breastfeeding extra easy and convenient for you and your little one?  Yes, to those questions — with the Boba Wrap baby carrier, of course.

We applaud that moms can discreetly nurse in the Boba Wrap anytime, anywhere- which is something that you cannot do with other carriers.  

You will need to do lots of tries and practice though so you can be able to manipulate the fabric easily.  Additionally, you will need a top that is breastfeeding-friendly or something that you can easily pull down while baby is inside the wrap.

There are tons of videos online on how to do this so you can simply follow along the tutorial.  Once you get the hang of it, feeding on the run will be a breeze.

What we love about this the most, apart from convenience, is that babies with gastrointestinal problems greatly benefit from feeding upright inside the wrap.  No more vomiting and reflux thanks to baby wraps.


Wait, There’s More

Aside from being a staple item for breastfeeding moms, there are more things that you need to know about the Boba Wrap baby carrier:

  1. The fabric is machine washable and so cleanup is not a problem.  
  2. It is 95% cotton so it is cool and breezy.  Like your favorite cotton shirt, it is a natural fiber that is comfortable and durable so expect the wrap to last for a long time.
  3. It also contains 5% Spandex so it does not easily sag or loosen.  It easily stretches like a pair of yoga pants so it fits you and your baby snugly.
  4. There is only one way to tie the wrap so you can avoid the guessing game altogether.  If you are still confused on how to do it, you can find tons of tutorials online to see a demonstration.
  5. There are varying colors and prints to choose from.
  6. It can comfortably accommodate babies weighing up to 35 pounds.
  7. It fits all size and shapes so even plus-size parents can enjoy the wrap with their little one.
  8. The Boba wrap has an education team that is ready to help you on your babywearing journey.


Mystery Box: What’s Inside

Upon unboxing, you get the following items:

  • 1 boba wrap
  • 1 bag for storage
  • 1 instruction booklet

It is pretty much straightforward and you can use the wrap as soon as you open the box.

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Tales From The Users

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars in Amazon and over 2,000 reviews (most of which are positive) so we can tell that this wrap is well-loved.

Everything has a flaw and the Boba Wrap baby carrier is not exempted from this.  Here are the not-so-good things we heard about this wrap:

First, the fabric seems to be too long specially for petite moms with small frames.  They feel like they have too much to work with so they end up tying the cloth round and round.  This made them feel too hot in the end so they are not too happy about this.  

Our take in this is that you can create designs out of the extra fabric.  For instance, you can create a bow on the side on your hips to give the wrap an added touch.  Believe us when we say that there are many things that you can do with it if you just go online to look for styles.  

Also, this is not the best carrier for those who are always in a hurry as you might not be able to properly tie and secure your baby.

If we’re being honest here, the ideal weight for the wrap is for babies up to 25 pounds only and not the advertised 35 pounds.  Parents with bigger frame might be able to wrap babies over 25 pounds but will only cause back pains for the petite parents.  This is quite understandable as you are carrying another person with you, right?

Additionally, wrap is not suitable for the hot weather and for those who live in humid weather.  Some parents report that they ended up being drenched in sweat when used on a really hot day.

Lastly, babies can only face inward.  So if your baby is already used to facing outward, she might not like the position.

Of course, there are more things that parents and users love about this carrier.  Here are the common compliments:

The fabric is comfortably soft, breathable, and stretchy so it fits babies of different weight and sizes.  The wrap does not discriminate as it fits even plus-size parents – which is what everyone is raving about.  A couple of plus size parents even commended the brand as it is difficult to find carriers that fit them well.

Since the wrap is cozy, it helps soothe crying babies and helps them fall asleep faster.  This is most useful to premature babies who greatly benefit from being carried most of the time.

If you think that the wrap needs washing, just pop it in the washing machine and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.  Cleaning the wrap does not add to your grueling house chores.

The wrap is easy to learn and use.  You can do tons of things while having baby attached to you so parents and babysitters love using this.

Best of all, moms can discreetly nurse in the wrap without hassle.

Even grandparents can attest to those qualities as they use this to babysit their grandchildren and they were quite happy with the wrap.


Our Opinion

If you are a breastfeeding mom, if you want to keep baby close to you, if you want to multitask while watching over baby, you get the best bang for your buck with the Boba Wrap baby carrier.

You will be able to move quicker, do more, and worry less as you have invested in something that calms and comforts your little one that will last almost a lifetime.

If you prefer something that you can use for babies over 25 pounds until toddler years, if you don’t want to wrap and tie, you are better suited with soft structured carriers or better yet, a stroller like the Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller.

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