Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller Review: Comfort and Maneuverability
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Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller Review: Comfort and Maneuverability

Whether you want swivel your way with ease through each aisle at the mall, or focus on getting back into shape by jogging uphill and on different kinds of terrain, you are right in considering the Bob Revolution SE single stroller.

You might be thinking that this stroller can only be used for a specific purpose – for jogging and/or running, but let us just stop you there.  The aim of this review is to discover whether you will need another stroller for your daily activities apart from when you are jogging, or if this can be your everyday go-to trusted stroller.

We are going to cover its features, what people have to say about it, and our verdict.  If you already have something in mind, please check the table of contents below.  Otherwise, let’s get started with the review.

But if you are in a hurry,

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Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller: Great for Malls and Exercising

A number of jogging strollers can be difficult to manage specially in tight areas – those with a fixed front wheel in particular.  More often than not, users lift the front wheel off the ground just to turn.  We can tell from experience that this is a lot of hard work specially if you are in a crowded area or narrow space.

Good thing, the Bob Revolution SE single stroller has a swiveling front wheel.  What this means for you is that you can easily turn from one aisle to another during Christmas season when the narrow spaces of the malls are packed with busy shoppers.

If you decide to run or jog after your exercise at the mall (a.k.a shopping), you can just lock the front wheel in place to help you keep going straight.  Therefore giving you more stability on your run despite the changes in terrain.

Having said so, this stroller is great for any day – may it be your regular around-the-town strolling, park-going, and mall shopping, to short walks and long runs.  You are assured of a stroller that can keep up with you through any types of activities.  So do we need to tell you that you don’t need another stroller?

Perfect Travel System

Did you have to wake up your soundly sleeping little one just to transfer from car seat to stroller?  And the result was?  Yes, a total disaster.  

No parent ever wants that because we all want a peaceful, tantrum-free life as much as possible.  

Apart from the reason above, there is one more reason why you need a car seat adapter.  It is useful for parents with newborn.  Babies are not recommended to be in strollers until they can sit up on their own – usually on their 6th month onwards.  

For this, we recommend a car seat adapter for the Bob Revolution SE single stroller to create the ultimate perfect travel system.

For the Bob Revolution SE single stroller, you will need to purchase the pre-2016 single infant car seat adapter.  This will allow you to connect the stroller with compatible infant car seats.  Please see table below to know which adapter suits your car seat

infant car seat compatibility chart


Image from Bob Gear Site

Do you see your car seat in the table?  If yes, proceed with the purchase.  All you need to do now is to install.  Just attach the restraint belt using a screwdriver then snap it into place.

If you are worried about folding the stroller later, don’t be.  The adapter folds with the stroller so you can still store your stroller in your car seat or somewhere in the house.  

However, we recommend using the car adapter for walking only and not for high-impact exercises or running.

Wait, There’s More

Apart from the impressive swiveling front wheel, the Bob Revolution SE single stroller boasts more features.  Here they are:

  1. Sturdy wheels – the two rear wheels are sturdy and wide so changing from one type of surface to another is not a problem.  
  2. Suspension system – any stroller ride will be cut short if the passenger (a.k.a the baby) becomes extra fussy because of a bumpy ride.  You will not have to worry about this as the system has shock absorbers to assure stability and comfort.
  3. Safety – is not an issue with their five-point padded harness to secure your baby in the stroller.  The stroller also has a rear-wheel brake system that you can activate with your foot.  Wrist straps are provided for added security during your strolls.  
  4. Useful adjustments – you can recline the padded seat to 70 degrees from vertical for when your child is asleep.  You can even adjust the canopy for better coverage and protection from different kinds of elements.  Don’t worry.  You can still keep an eye on the baby through the viewing window in the canopy.
  5. Compact frame – although the frame is compact, it is dependable and tough as it is made from a strong aluminum alloy.  It is easy to fold and store.  In just two steps, you can now easily transport your stroller from one point to another.
  6. Easy-to-clean fabric – this is every parent’s dream come true.  The fabric is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.  Even raspberry stain can be easily removed with a wet washcloth.  Plus, there are different colors to choose from depending on your preference.
  7. Multiple storage areas – it has two interior pockets, back-seat pocket, and basket underneath to store your everyday strolling essentials.
  8. Warranty – you are assured of a high quality product as the stroller gives a limited five-year warranty for the frame and one-year warranty for the small parts.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Here’s a rundown of the stroller’s specifications:

  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Capacity: weight – 70 lbs (baby plus luggage, or baby including the car seat adapter and infant car seat), height – 44 inches
  • Frame: strong aluminum alloy
  • Seat: poly and dobby weave fabrics, water repellent coating, foam padding
  • Suspension: coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers
  • Tires: pneumatic, with pneumatic tubes
  • Wheels, Spokes: high-impact polymer composite
  • Wrist strap: sturdy polyester fabric

Mystery Box: What’s inside

It’s pretty much straight-forward.  The box comes with BOB Revolution SE Stroller (in your preferred color) and instruction guide.

No fuss, no hassle.  That’s it.  As soon as you get your stroller, you can start using it right away.

Tales From Other Users

From its rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in Amazon, we can tell that the users are generally happy with their purchase.  There may be a couple of not-so-good feedback but the hundreds of positives outweighed them.  

One of the many things parents love about this stroller is its durability.  One parent already used it on her child for 3 years and intend to use it on her second child as well.  Many parents recount their stories of how they used this stroller for their long-distance runs, training, and even on actual races.  

The maneuverability gives the stroller plus points as well.  Since you can turn easily, you can use it not only on your jogs but also on a day-to-day basis.  So be it on marathons or short trips to the beach, the Bob Revolution SE single stroller can be your trusted companion.  

The seat fabric makes cleaning a breeze.  To maintain its like-new appearance, all you need to do is mix lukewarm water with mild soap.  Use your washcloth and you are done.  The same thing applies if you are trying to remove stains from the seat.  Believe us when we say that it is easy.  

This is an extremely good buy for parents who are coupon-clipping and want something that will last for a long time – an investment piece.

What parents are not too happy about is the limited storage space.  For them, they can’t put in a lot of things in the underneath basket.  It is also difficult to pull things out from the underneath basket specially when baby is already sitting in the stroller.

The stroller may fold easily but it is still bulky.  You can remove the wheels though to make it fit in compact car trunks but this additional step can be a hassle if you have a whining kid.

Parents just wished that the stroller comes with a few more accessories with its price point.

Lastly, the consistent complaint among parents is that they need to lock their bob strollers with a bike lock because they keep getting stolen.  

Our Opinion

If you are in for ease of use and maneuverability…if you want the best buy for your money…if you are serious in getting back into shape…if you want something that will last for a very long time, you will want to get the Bob Revolution SE single stroller.

All you will need is one stroller for your daily activities – from your strolls in the park to grocery shopping, to marathons.  You will have invested in something that will be with you for a long time.

If you want something that is lighter, has more accessories, and is cheaper, you might want to try your luck somewhere else.

By the way, if you are into babywearing and a few more cuddles before baby gets way too big, you might want to check out our review of the Boba Wrap baby carrier.

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