Top 6 Best Lightweight Stroller for 2019: Your Lightest Lifesavers
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Top 6 Best Lightweight Stroller for 2019: Your Lightest Lifesavers

Believe us when we say that there will come a time when you will hate your all-around beast of a stroller – the one that you used to rave so much about to friends because of its beauty, durability, and humongous storage space.

No matter how robust and over-performing your stroller might be, you will hate that it is such a pain on your back to lug around.  For this, you can either just take a long deep sigh and continue using your giant stroller, or better yet just buy a lightweight one.

Our team pulled 15 of the most sought after and best lightweight strollers in the market today and subjected them to our challenges.  We took them on short runs, quick errands, long walks, added baby and parent necessities to the storage areas, folded and unfolded them, and did more tests to check how they measure up to our standards.

In the end, 6 lightweight strollers emerged as survivors, so to say, in our battery of stringent tests.  Whether you want an undreamed all-around performance, comfortable, most budget-friendly, or lightest, this review will steer you toward your ideal lightweight stroller.

You can check our table of contents below to jump to your specific needs.  Otherwise, let’s get our hands on the review.  

#1 Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller: Best Overall Lightweight Stroller

Are you wondering why this is our pick for the best overall lightweight stroller?

Prepare to be amazed with this little stroller.  It weighs only 14 pounds, folds into an 18-inch square, and can be placed inside its backpack type carryall bag.  Best of all, it folds with such ease that you only need to use one hand.  Plus, it automatically locks close when folded.

This is perfect for those living in the city, those who live or frequent cramped spaces, or for parents who travel a lot with their little one in tow.  Need we say more?

The good:

  • The seat has 5-point harness which secures baby.
  • You can easily see your little passenger through the mesh peek-a-boo window.
  • It is compact and lightweight specially when folded.
  • It has multiple recline positions perfect for naps and outfit changes.
  • The canopy and its extension provides UV 50+ sun protection – which many parents loooove.
  • The underneath basket makes a huge storage space that is ideal for baby’s things and other necessities.
  • The stroller can accommodate up to 45 pounds (in weight) and 40 inches (in height) passenger.  Total recommended weight load is 62 pounds (45 for baby plus 15 pounds basket cargo and 2lb for back pocket).
  • The seat is padded so baby is assured of a comfortable ride.
  • When folded, the stroller fits compartments and under seat baskets of various vehicles.
  • The front wheels can turn in all directions which makes pushing the stroller such a pleasure.
  • It has added safety feature such as foot-operated brakes.  You can even lock the front wheels to keep the stroller steady on uneven tracks.
  • It also comes with a cup holder and parent console.

The not-so-good:

  • It does not have a car seat attachment so you can’t use it until your baby turns 6 months old.

If you live in the city, has a fast-paced lifestyle, navigates narrow spaces, or travels a lot, this one is a great addition to your baby’s daily essentials.  Imagine steering through the crowded public transport with so much ease, and not thinking about where or tuck your stroller away.  Not a problem anymore for the city life with this lightweight baby in hand.   

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#2 Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller: Best Reclining Lightweight Stroller

If you are looking for the best reclining stroller in town, then look no further as this is the one for you.  It has 4-position recline so imagine yourself being able to dress or change nappies just with your stroller – no need to go to (sometimes unsanitary) bathrooms or faraway changing stations.  Yey!

For something with an extremely durable construction, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller offers an affordable price point – which is a huge plus for us.  Apart from being lightweight (at 13 pounds) compared to its competitors, it is also easy to fold.

The good:

  • It grows with your child as it can carry up to 50 pounds of weight.
  • Although it has large seating, the stroller is not bulky.
  • The 5-point harness gives parent that sense of relief as you know that your baby will be comfortable and secured.  FYI: the usual umbrella strollers only have 3-point harness so they don’t match well with babies who can’t sit up on their own just yet.
  • The large canopy is perfect for blocking the sun’s rays.  It is adjustable as well.  For extra hot days, just pop out the sun visor.
  • The 6-inch wheels are awesome.  The front wheels are anti-shock while the rear wheels can be locked.
  • It comes with a carrying strap so parents can conveniently take it with them to airports and travels.
  • Parents love big storage and this baby has them all – from the large basket to pockets, to cup holder.
  • You can fold the stroller in 3 easy steps.  
  • Sorting out issues and queries can be done in a jiffy with their accommodating customer service representatives.

The not-so-good:

  • The stroller does not stand up on its own.
  • It can only accommodate height of up to 43 inches so it is not suited for tall children.

If you are traveling baby-toting parents, this is the best stroller for your always on-the-go lifestyle.  The extra reclining seat makes it convenient, and great for quick naps and diaper changes even on the road.

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#3 Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller: Best Lightweight Travel Stroller

This durable stroller can make a complete travel system as it is compatible with infant car seats without using any adapters.  Now, isn’t this a great feature?  

In addition to that, it is easy to unfold and it is compact so it easily fits overhead airplane compartments.  It comes with a travel bag and a shoulder strap so it is indeed a great lifesaver for traveling parents.

The good:

  • It can accommodate up to 44 pounds.
  • The seat reclines so babies can fall asleep in it.
  • The 6-inch wheels are slim and it makes the stroller easy to maneuver.
  • The sun canopy can be also used even for winter because of its overlaying fabrics.
  • The stroller easily adapts to any car seat so your little one can be transferred from the car to the stroller without any disruptions.
  • There is an option to buy a carrycot so babies under 6 months can use it.
  • You can buy the Freerider Stroller Board which is a scooter that you can attach the to the rear of the Nano so that older kids can be pushed along with the stroller.  This is a marvelous idea, by the way.
  • Rear wheel has suspension so the ride is comfortable for your little passenger.
  • It also has a brake system.
  • You can choose from different colors to suit your preference.
  • You can pop the front wheels to make it easier to hop on curbs.

The not-so-good:

  • You need 2 hands to fold or close it
  • It is a bit difficult to put it inside the travel bag.
  • It does not have a big storage space.     

If you are frequent travelers who want the lightest stroller that can fit through aisles and narrow doorways, this one is your best pick.  It can make for a complete travel system plus you can buy the Freerider Stroller Board add-on so bringing both small and bigger kid on travels does not inconvenience you.

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#4 Maclaren Triumph Stroller: Best Featherlight Lightweight Stroller

This is hailed as the best featherlight lightweight stroller in our list for a reason.  It only weighs a little less than 11 pounds which makes it the lightest in our roster.  One thing we can assure you is that your arms will never be muscular even if you push or pull this little buggy all day long.

Living in the top area of a building without elevator?  No problem!  Since this stroller is super light, this is perfect for hauling in long flights of stairs, and even in busy streets in town.  

The good:

  • The 5-point safety harness is difficult to unlock so it means that your baby cannot undo the harness on his own.
  • The premium expandable canopy offers UPF 50+ protection, is huge, and wind and water resistant.
  • The overall construction is sturdy and built to last (and this is according to parents we have asked)
  • It has two-position recline seat with leg support.
  • The suspensions on the wheels appeal the parents.
  • You can fold the stroller in one hand while hold the baby in the other.
  • The handles are padded so your hands won’t hurt while pushing a heavy baby.
  • Clean up is easy as you can detach the seat.  Just pop it in your washing machine and leave it.
  • Live in a busy area?  No problem!  The front wheels can swivel so going from one point to another is easy.  For bumpy rides, you can opt to lock your wheels.
  • The brakes are foot-operated.  This is a great safety feature that not all strollers have.  The JPMA safety certification also proves that this stroller passed the industry’s standards.
  • Speaking of safety, the frame is made of sturdy aircraft grade aluminum which means that it is durable and can last for a long time.
  • It has a carrying strap so you can take the stroller when not in use.
  • The roomy storage basket is useful for baby’s needs.
  • It can accommodate babies up to 55 pounds.
  • You can replace the parts on your own and you don’t need to assemble it as it comes fully assembled.

The not-so-good:

  • It does not have a car seat adapter so you need to wait until baby is 6 months old.
  • The storage basket cannot be easily accessed when seat is reclined.

With the all-wheel suspension and its being extra light, we can say that this is perfect for city dwellers who live in high buildings sans the elevator.  Since it is light, you can carry it without hassle on stairs, whether maneuvering or carrying on public transport, and on long walks.  If you want to avoid carrying heavy stroller on your quick errands and long trips, the Maclaren Triumph stroller is the best buy for you.

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#5 Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller: Best Budget-Friendly Lightweight Stroller

It is called the Cloud for a reason – it only weighs a little less than 12 pounds.  For a price of $69.99, it packs a lot of punch in comparison to its other affordable counterparts.  It’s actually surprising how Kolcraft was able to pack too many features for its price.  One thing we know for sure – you are getting more for what you paid for.

Apart from its many features that we will be pointing out in the list below, this wallet-friendly stroller is also JPMA certified which gives us parents a confidence boost in buying this stroller.

The good:

  • It weighs only 11.8 pounds so it is best for day trips, malls, and even outdoors.
  • The large canopy is extendable.  This is a rare feature for strollers with this price point.  It is three-tiered and perfectly blocks the sun’s harmful rays.  You can tuck it away too if you don’t want to use it.    
  • You can fold it in one hand.  It can stand on its own too.
  • It can accommodate up to 50 pounds of weight.
  • The 5-point safety harness is an assurance that your baby will be safe and sound while riding.  
  • The seat can recline which is a plus for comfort.
  • The child tray comes with a cup and juice box holder.  It is removable too.  What amazes us the most is that this feature is not even present in high-end models.  
  • The huge basket is suitable for all things that you need to carry for a whole day of walk.  Plus, the stroller has a parent tray with cup holders.
  • You can watch your baby with the little peek-a-boo window.
  • The wheels can take on even the bumpiest rides.

The not-so-good:

  • You will need to perfectly align the front wheels prior to folding the stroller.  This is no deal-breaker though.
  • The cup holders are too small for our liking.
  • The handles cannot be adjusted so it might be a little uncomfortable for extremely tall people.

If you are a small family on a tight budget and want a compact and multifunctional stroller, this is the best choice for you.  This stroller is convenient, folds in one hand, and self-stands so it is not a problem even on tight public spaces.

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#6 GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller: Runner-up Featherlight

This is the lightest stroller according to the Guiness World Records in 2014 as it weighs just an impressive 9.5 pounds.  Amazing, right?

It may be extra light but it can accommodate up to 55 pounds of weight in the seat and 11 pounds in its storage area.  Having said this, we can tell that it is durable and safe.  

The good:

  • It only takes two steps to fold the stroller into a small square that easily fits in overhead compartments in trains and airplanes.  The stroller folds and unfolds easily in seconds.  It also stands alone.
  • With it being 39.8 inches high, tall users don’t need to hunch over to push the stroller.
  • It is small yet strong as it can hold up to 66 pounds of total weight.  This also means that it can grow with your baby.
  • Apart from the 5-point safety harness, the crotch and shoulder areas are padded for added comfort.
  • The back panel easily slides can it can accommodate babies of different lengths.
  • The handlebars are padded to make sure that you can grip the stroller comfortably well.
  • The storage basket is generous as it holds up to 11 pounds.
  • The UPF 50+ sun canopy is enough to protect your little baby.
  • The front wheels swivel and can be locked so it is easy to maneuver wherever you go or whatever terrain you are in.
  • The rear wheels have a parking brake.  The wheels might not be as big as the other strollers’ but they are tough and can withstand any surfaces.  However, we don’t recommend this stroller for off-beaten paths.
  • The materials are sturdy.

The not-so-good:

  • It comes with a hefty price tag so many parents shy away from this stroller.
  • We wished that the canopy is larger.
  • The seat cannot be reclined.

We know that this has potential to be the best featherlight lightweight stroller in this list but it only came second to the Maclaren Triumph Stroller for a number of reasons.  

One, it misses some essential features that we are looking for to provide comfort for the little one.  The reclining seat is an example to that.  However, there is a huge room for improvement for this stroller because of its design and construction.

If you don’t mind spending about $200, this is a great investment that you can use for a long time.  It comes very handy for overseas trips and long travels.  

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How Do We Rate Our Lightweight Strollers?

Each lightweight stroller was evaluated based on the criteria below.  These were in no order of importance:

  1. Ease of Use:  Is it easy to fold and unfold?  Can you stow it away easily?  Does it fit in small spaces, car trunks, and overhead compartments?
  2. Safety and durability: Is it made of sturdy materials?  Does the seat belt keep your baby from falling or slipping?  Does it have brakes?  Is it safety certified?  Can you see your little one while pushing the stroller?  Can the canopy provide enough protection?
  3. Comfortable and lightweight: How light is it?  Can the wheels provide stability?  Do the wheels have suspension?  Does the seat recline?  Is the seat well-padded?
  4. Perfect for travel/Maneuverability: Does the tire swivel?  Can you easily maneuver in tight spaces?  Do the wheels work in different terrains?  Does it come with carrying strap or bag?  
  5. Added features:  Is cleanup easy?  Does it have cup holders or storage pockets?  It the storage area enough for your needs?  


If budget is your main concern, you can never go wrong with the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller.  This is perfect for families that are still starting and are operating on a tight budget.  Apart from being as light as a cloud, it is also light on the pocket without compromising quality and necessary features.

Speaking of light, those who are looking forward to NOT developing muscular arms while pushing and pulling strollers should definitely get the Maclaren Triumph Stroller – which is the lightest in our roster.  It is ideal for city dwellers that live in high buildings minus the elevator – so no problem with lugging on a flight of stairs.  

If you are willing to spend $200 on an extremely lightweight stroller and forego basic features, you can opt for the gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller.  It might be the most expensive in this list but it can be a handy investment for those who want a lighter-than-air stroller for good.    

For parents with an on-the-go lifestyle that requires quick diaper changes and naps while on the run, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller is our best bet for you.  Its almost horizontal recline provides added comfort that is perfect for napping babies on travel anywhere.

Baby-toting traveling parents will want a stroller that can navigate through narrow aisles and doorways.  For this, you can go for the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller that has an add-on feature that you can buy separately to push your baby with an older sibling.  It has a complete travel system too so jetsetting from one place to another is not a big deal.   

But if you want a lightweight stroller that has them all, you can purchase the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller.  This is perfect for families with a fast-paced lifestyle and want an all-encompassing stroller that can cater to day-to-day activities from brief walks, mall shopping, to city adventure.

What say you? What do you think is the best lightweight stroller?

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